Week 13&14 Summary

RemixThis: This week we focused a great deal on Remixes and this is my post about the concept of Remixing media.

Mashup/Remix Assignments: For this week I did the movie trailer assignment along with the album cover remix assignment. My assignments totaled 7 Stars.

Remix Assignment: For this week I completed my own version of a remix assignment…. using someone else’s old work.

Reflection: This weeks work for Mashup/Remix assignments was actually really interesting. After starting off with the concept of remix and how the the majority of the material that I have sen throughout my lifetime has actually been a form of remix is amazing. It’s crazy to realize that all of the things in this world have been combined and remixed together in order to create something new by someone else. Media is very interesting in those terms because you would never be able to figure out that all of this material has actually been used before in a different manner. It was interesting to see a lot of other students do remix assignments as well….you actually get a chance to see how other people interpret work and the crazy and interesting ideas that come from combining different materials. I’ve always been a huge fan of remixed songs, but I guess I never realized that all media is a form of remix in a way. This segment helps open our eyes into seeing that material can actually be reused and one small piece of work can actually be a starting point for something new. I think I got a good idea of how to combine my work and how to take an idea that I’ve had in my head and use someone else idea to make it my own. Yayyyyy!

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