Week 10 Summary!!

 Weekly Summary:

Video Tools: This week we did a lot in terms of Video and Movies …. I have a mac, so I’m a little used to iMovie. I haven’t really used it for anything too huge …. I made a small project for one of my classes last year, but other than that I don’t use it much. I like how it works and it allows you to edit and so a bunch of things & if you spend a lot of time on it … you really get the hang of it. I am not too familiar with all of it’s features, but it certainly is an interesting thing to work with.

3 Time Review: http://turkoenisa.com/2012/11/04/look-listen-analyze-any-given-sunday-clip/ This week we were asked to do many different things with video. Our main assignment was to look, listen, and analyze a movie scene one step at a time…. This allowed us to learn about how sound and visuals are important to movie making and the idea of storytelling. I posted a blog about a scene from Any Given Sunday that I analyzed this week.

Exploring: After doing an analysis of a scene in a movie (Any Given Sunday) we were asked to explore the actual movie a little more. Learn a little more about the movie and actual create our own clip of the movie … by putting two other clips together. This is my blog post of how I did all of that.

Video Planning: I’ve had a difficult time this week trying to pin point which direction I want to take my video planning assignment. I’ve looked at various things that I want to do, but I have a hard time making a final decision. Anyway, I have posted a blog of some of my intention … there were a fair amount of interesting video assignments, but the tutorials I watched for one of these really caught my eye. Check out what I plan on doing…

Daily Creates: This week we were asked to complete two daily creates…. Here’s the link to the ones I chose!

Reflection: This week we got a glimpse of what it’s like to work with movies and the video portion of storytelling. I found the video tools given to us to be very interesting and the paragraph that discusses each movies’ basis really made a lot of sense. It’s interesting to know that movies all work off of each other and are created a certain way in order to express a specific message to the viewers. The ideas of how a movie is tilted, or the way a scene is filmed never crosses ones mind inside a movie theater simply because you are simply trying to get a story out of what you’re watching…. BUT once you realize that there are other factors into why the movie is filmed a certain way and the sound is projected a certain way, then you begin to appreciate it a little more. After doing this weeks assignments and reading about movies and their purpose… I found myself analyzing anything that I watched for all the tools that I learned about and am now more familiar with. I thought this week was a good preparation for the video assignments that we have coming up. It should be a lot of fun to do things with movies… especially because I’m a really big fan of movies as well.


For weeks 7 & 8 our main focus was the completion of our radio show and audio assignments.

Audio Assignments: This week we were asked to complete 10 stars worth of Audio assignments.

1. This is the post that I made for my first Audio Assignment of the week. I got a chance to make a ringtone using Audacity…. the awesome part is that I actually use the ringtone now.

2. The second Audio Assignment that I decided to do was the Chimpmunk’d song… I used one of my current favorite songs and chipmunk’d it using Audacity once again.. I think it actually sounds pretty cool!

3. The next Audio Assignment I completed was about taking an order from Mcd’s … in an accent and the one I chose to do was a British accent…. it was actually pretty fun.

4. The last Audio Assignment I completed was the Multi-personality one. It asked us to be multiple people (3/4) and have a story be told during it. This assignment was actually a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting it done and being creative with it.

Phonar: During this week we were also asked to submit 4 unused pieces of media into the ds106 phonar recycling project. I submitted photos for all of mine. The titles of my photos were as follows:
1. First Draft of BULKY.png
2. Waste from Design Assignments.jpg
3. Waste from design safari.jpg
4. Waste from design safari2.jpg

Comment Challenge: This is the link to my post on the comment challenge started by another student for this week.

Daily Creates:  This week we were asked to complete 6 daily creates…. Here’s a post explaining all of mine … fairly detailed!

Radio Show: This is a link to the post I wrote about our Radio Show that was due this week…. I am pretty sure I answered most of the questions asked in the weekly summary, but I’ll reflect a little more on the ones I didn’t get around to.

My group chose our theme through discussion and trying to find something that we would all be comfortable with. In my post I discussed some of the hard parts of doing this assignment, but I was lucky to have two other people that were willing to do everything they could to ensure our radio show was a success. The contribution of each member was first discussed generally… then as we all realized we don’t like the sound of our own voices… we got a little picky on who would have the part that spoke the most…. I got stuck with that part after we picked parts of a straw…. I got the shortest one -__-. I actually didn’t mind it that much, I tried my best to do what I could with what was being asked of me. I think our group did a great job and that our show sounds and represents exactly what we hoped it would… I’m really proud of our effort as a whole.

Reflection: I was actually kind of scared going into the Audio Assignments and dealing a lot with the Audio portion of this class…. I’m not a big fan of listening to my own voice, but I guess when I’m alone and the concept of being able to alter my voice .. It isn’t all that bad. Dealing with Audio can take some time and test your comfort a lot.. I thought I tried my best to get comfortable and worry less about what I sounded like and more about what the assignment’s goal was. I’m glad I got to work on a variety of audio assignments these past few weeks… It really did help a lot and I think our radio show is a good example of that as well. When I started this class I didn’t expect to get much out of the Audio portion… I figured I’d skim through it and avoid as much of it as possible (hence the daily creates that I usually avoid). I will admit that I’m getting more out of it then expected and I am enjoying it more as well. A lot of the tasks this week tested my limits, but I’m glad I got to learn new ways of enjoying audio and recording my own voice. I also realized that Audio doesn’t always have to be about the way your voice turns out .. there are other fun factors of it, including the story and emotion that comes out of a piece of audio work as apposed to a picture or drawing.