Week 10 Summary!!

 Weekly Summary:

Video Tools: This week we did a lot in terms of Video and Movies …. I have a mac, so I’m a little used to iMovie. I haven’t really used it for anything too huge …. I made a small project for one of my classes last year, but other than that I don’t use it much. I like how it works and it allows you to edit and so a bunch of things & if you spend a lot of time on it … you really get the hang of it. I am not too familiar with all of it’s features, but it certainly is an interesting thing to work with.

3 Time Review: http://turkoenisa.com/2012/11/04/look-listen-analyze-any-given-sunday-clip/ This week we were asked to do many different things with video. Our main assignment was to look, listen, and analyze a movie scene one step at a time…. This allowed us to learn about how sound and visuals are important to movie making and the idea of storytelling. I posted a blog about a scene from Any Given Sunday that I analyzed this week.

Exploring: After doing an analysis of a scene in a movie (Any Given Sunday) we were asked to explore the actual movie a little more. Learn a little more about the movie and actual create our own clip of the movie … by putting two other clips together. This is my blog post of how I did all of that.

Video Planning: I’ve had a difficult time this week trying to pin point which direction I want to take my video planning assignment. I’ve looked at various things that I want to do, but I have a hard time making a final decision. Anyway, I have posted a blog of some of my intention … there were a fair amount of interesting video assignments, but the tutorials I watched for one of these really caught my eye. Check out what I plan on doing…

Daily Creates: This week we were asked to complete two daily creates…. Here’s the link to the ones I chose!

Reflection: This week we got a glimpse of what it’s like to work with movies and the video portion of storytelling. I found the video tools given to us to be very interesting and the paragraph that discusses each movies’ basis really made a lot of sense. It’s interesting to know that movies all work off of each other and are created a certain way in order to express a specific message to the viewers. The ideas of how a movie is tilted, or the way a scene is filmed never crosses ones mind inside a movie theater simply because you are simply trying to get a story out of what you’re watching…. BUT once you realize that there are other factors into why the movie is filmed a certain way and the sound is projected a certain way, then you begin to appreciate it a little more. After doing this weeks assignments and reading about movies and their purpose… I found myself analyzing anything that I watched for all the tools that I learned about and am now more familiar with. I thought this week was a good preparation for the video assignments that we have coming up. It should be a lot of fun to do things with movies… especially because I’m a really big fan of movies as well.