Weeks 11&12 Summary!

This week we worked a lot with Video Assignments and learning to tell stories in various ways through Video. Here are a few assignments that I decided to do…

Video Assignment 1: The Silent Era; this particular assignment was worth 5 stars and I got to use a lot of different effects of video making in order to make it.

Video Assignment 2: The 5 movie Archetype; this assignment was worth 3 stars and I allowed me to learn the technique of cropping clips and placing them together to tell a story of an archetype.

Video Assignment 3: The Movie with the stereo on; for this assignment I mainly focused the process of how music and video go hand in hand a lot of the time. This assignment was also worth 3 stars for this week.

Video Assignment 4: The 5 second movie; this 3 star assignment allowed me to finally be a director and tell some type of story in 5 minutes…. I chose to crack a little joke in those 5 seconds.

Video Assignment 5: The Framed assignment; was an assignment that incorporated the picture aspect of a video and was worth 2 stars.

Reflection: These past two weeks I got to take a swing at working with Video and learning to tell stories through them as well. I attempted to do various assignments that allowed me to worth with different aspects of video, such as … music, picture, sound, and even directing. I learned to tell a story using so many different aspects of video and I finally began using my iMovie on my computer …. something I haven’t really gotten a chance to use since I’ve gotten my Mac. I also really enjoyed getting a chance to look at everyone else’s work and how other people were interpreting the assignments. It was nice that we got two weeks to do everything because I know I personally had some difficulty not only thinking of movies and scenes to use for some of the assignments, but also being patient enough to learn about iMovie and how to make everything work out the way I wanted. Telling stories through movie and personal interpretation was also a good learning experience for me …. simply because you don’t always focus on actual details of Video until you have to do assignments like this. It was a fun experience …. and although I dreaded doing some of the work because I thought it was so difficult at first … once I got a hang of what I wanted to do and how to use my sources it all turned out really well. I hope people enjoy my assignments and they make sense to them as well. I think the 5 second movie or the archetype are probably my favorite ones…. but I obviously like them all. I honestly believe these video assignments all showed a lot about how storytelling works and the various ways that stories can be told. I did 5 different videos this week and each assignment showed something new about how a story can be told and seen. It was also a very good way of putting together all of the work we’ve done this semester in terms of telling stories digitally. Video in itself is truthfully a great way to tell stories.