Day 2 & Day 3 combined.

During the second day of our journey we were given an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful city of Cannes, France. This city is particularly known for the annual Cannes Film Festival that usually occurs during the month of May (it’s a shame we were about a week or so late for the festivities). The city of Cannes is very similar to Nice, but it has it’s own features as well. There were very many shops and restaurants for tourists to visit, especially since the city greatly relies on tourism for income. In Cannes we got to explore the city on our own for several hours. Some girls did some of their shopping, while others visited the more historical sections of the city. Below you’ll see a Panorama picture off of the castle that I visited with my free time.


Not looking...

After our free time to explore Cannes we attended our first friendly soccer match against the local women’s club team “US Cannes Bocca Olympique”. They hosted us in their own stadium, right next to the men’s stadium. The UMW Women’s Soccer team upset the USCB with a 7-2 victory. It was a great game and I particularly enjoyed it because it was clean play and purely a fun and enjoyable environment. I was also excited because I scored my first goal for UMW! The French girls were very ecstatic to hear that we were from the Washington DC area and although only one or two of them knew english they tried extremely hard to communicate with us and make new friends. After the game they provided us with snacks and even gave us all a present. It was truly an amazing experience and I’m excited for the next two games as well. After our long day in Cannes we returned to our hotel for a late dinner and our last night in France. In the morning we would pack up and move onto our next hotel in Italy.

After leaving the Hotel de Baou in France we made our way to Monoco & Monte Carlo. It was about a 40 minute to an hour long journey, with traffic included. We stopped on top of a cliff in order to take pictures of the France that we were leaving behind before we entered the independent state of Monoco. It is safe to say that Monoco is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I have visited a few countries in my 20 years of life, but this is by far one of my favorites. There was something so peaceful and appealing about Monoco and it’s appearance that made me feel as if it was almost too good to be real. We enjoyed a short tour of the city and got a chance to see the houses of the princess’ as well as the princes’ palace. Monoco is a very very wealthy place and it was evident that everyone wanted to preserve it’s beauty. I took the time to visit some of the souvenir shops and buy a few gifts for my family and friends. It’s amazing to see how the prices change from shop to shop, but it’s also interesting how the residents attempt to speak english and assist us as best as they can. After our little shopping session we also wandered around the city and got to see different views of the harbor and the massive yatts that were coming in and out. We then got back on our bus and headed on our 4 hour journey to Italy…. toward the Tuscany region.

This picture captures 3 different countries. Monoco & Monte Carlo, France, & then Italy:



Tomorrow we will be visiting the Leaning tower of Pisa and going onto a farm for some food tasting. I will make sure to blog about that as well as keep the pictures coming.