Day 4, 5, & 6

Hey guys, sorry for the late updates…. getting wifi for 37 people in a hotel room in Italy isn’t as easy as one would think.

Day 4

For the 4th day, our first official tour in Italy we took a little trip to Pisa. We got a chance to see the field of Miracles and take some awesome pictures near the leaning tower. A lot of us got presents from the vendors, but it was extremely hot. After the leaning tower we stopped a beautiful farm/vineyard and enjoyed a well planned out lunch. The 21 and up crew got a chance to taste some organic wines and we were given a tour of the farm and learned about the process of making olive oil and their wines. At this fantastic vineyard we also discovered that “Love is in the air”, because we had a very flirtatious waiter and the humor was unbelievable. I even got an Italian boyfriend named “Julio” who barely spoke any English, but insisted on kissing my cheek in a “photo”. It was pure fun and laughter and it’s great to see how a sense of humor can bring relaxation into a group (p.s don’t worry Sam, you’re better looking haha). After lunch we headed back to our hotel in Montecatini where we had a couple hours of free time to explore. Personally, I took a little bit of a nap….. but after I woke up I took a small stroll around Montecatini and bought a few things from their local market. Our next adventure would be Florence.

Team in Pisa!


^^ yes, I think I’m cool for kicking the tour back up….. lol



Day 5

We woke up at an early time and headed over to the center of Florence. We went on a 2 hour guided tour of the city and gained a lot of insight on the history of the financial capital of Italy. Florence is famous for this production of leather and during our free time most of us ¬†spent some money in the piggy market buying leather for ourselves or as presents. We spent about 5 hours total in Florence and I still feel like there was more to see. The city definitely had a lot of history and was a big attraction to tourists. I will admit that the 5 hours spent were exhausting, but we still had our second match to play. We got back on our bus and headed over to stadium where we would play a local women’s team. The game was very intense and different than the game against the French side, but unfortunately we only managed to tie them 4-4. The team was a lot better individually, but under other circumstances I’m positive we could have won that game….. regardless, it was certainly a match to see. After the game, we headed back to our hotel for dinner and most of us were ready to pass out forever….. except we had to be up at 530 in the morning because our next stop was Como, 4 hours away and breakfast would be served at 6 am.

Team in Florence!

Florence & its beauty

Cathedral in Florence.


Day 6

The alarm went of at 530 sharp and we loaded up our bus before breakfast so that we could depart at 645 am. The bus ride was fairly silent and we would spend about 5 hours traveling to the city of Como (it took longer because we had to take a detour to Milan to drop the Gibbons off at the airport). The day was already looking drowsy and we were expecting rain. After arriving to Como around 1230 we were given about 2 and a half hours to explore the city on our own. Possibly do some shopping or walk by the lake and enjoy its beauty. At 3 o’clock we were given another 2 hour guided tour of the city, learning about its history as well as admiring the beautiful architecture from the medieval times. It wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been because less than half way through our tour it began to pour and a lot of us weren’t dressed for the weather. Instead of having another hour of free-time in Como we simply headed back to the hotel and enjoyed a nice relaxing evening to ourselves. Our next adventure is Milan, where we’ll get a chance to visit the stadium belonging to both AC Milan and Inter.

^ haven’t gotten any pictures up for this one.

P.S. My apologies for the late updates, but flickr has been struggling with the uploading and the wifi is so inconsistant that blogging has been hard too. Check back for some more updates tomorrow though :)