Final Project: Here’s the link to my final project. This project took a lot of time to make and I hope that it shows. I really love with the show “One Tree Hill” and Peyton is one of my favorite characters throughout the series. I always thought she was really misunderstood and had a very mysterious side. When the project idea came out, I figured I could represent her …. the way she is seen in my eyes. I added a little twist to it by saying that she could see “everything”, but if you actually watch the show … you might get a glimpse of how this could be true. Anyways, I really enjoyed doing this project and I hope that it explains her story the way that I see it. Enjoy :)

Digital Storytelling: In the beginning of the semester, we were asked to define Digital Storytelling … Now that we have reached the end of the semester, I don’t think that my definition has changed … but it has certainly expanded. I think that Digital Storytelling has a lot to do with who you are and how you perceive things. Every story has a beginning, middle and an end…. but all three aren’t always given to you. After dealing with Visual, Audio, Video, & Remix assignments, I’ve seen that there are so many different ideas floating around on the internet and in the everyday world that can be used and reused over and over again. A Digital Story can be anything, there is no actual definition… it’s simply a glimpse into your imagination.

Assignments/Tutorials/Daily Creates: The entire semester I was doing assignments, daily creates, and using tutorials made by other people. In the end I finally got a chance to turn it around and share some of my knowledge and ideas as well. I created two daily creates and two assignments for future DS106ers to hopefully get a chance and do. I demonstrated the knowledge I’ve gained about Digital storytelling this semester through this work that I created. It’s nice to realize that all the work that I’ve done this year made by someone else …. is going to soon be work that I created for someone else. I hope I get back on DS106 in the future and see all the cool things that people did with my ideas. Here’s the link to my category on this work.

Best Work: Through the semester I completed various assignments in each category, but as I went back and viewed my work there was always one that stuck out to me the most and brought back good thoughts on how that assignment made me feel. I included 6 posts to my best work category, all the ones I’d say are my favorites. I included my favorite Mash-up movie because I thought it was the one I had the most fun remixing & it turned out really good as well. I also had to include the Movie with the stereo on post because …. I guess the fact that I love the movie “Up” and the entire movie idea kinda hits a soft spot made me want to pick it a little more. I also worked really hard on finding the right song for that and I was just pleased with the way it turned out. I picked the Chipmunk’d music for my audio assignment because after listening to it again …..I guess the fact that it was able to make me laugh again and actually reminded me of good audio work with my radio show, it deserved to be in a good category haha. I picked both the design safari and the photoblitz posts because those assignments were a lot of fun for me & I know that the time I spend on them made me appreciate them a little more. I also liked how there are various pictures in each post … making it a little more interesting to read and representing a story even more. Lastly, I added the visual assignment of what my name is…because it was just awesome that my friends agreed to do that … and that I was able to tell a story about my name, considering it isn’t a common name & I got to interpret it how I wanted to. My best work category can also be connected to the work that I either enjoyed or am most proud of.

Letter Home: I got a chance to give advice to future students of DS106 .. and hopefully they take my advice and enjoy the semester as much as I did. Even though talking to my computer for 4 minutes was a little rough, I got it all out … I think  :)

FINALE:  I had a great time this semester!!! I go a chance to experience and learn many different things. I got out of my comfort zone, got more comfortable with my own thoughts and ideas, and realized that how I interpret things can not be defined as “right” or “wrong”… simply because it’s within my thoughts and there is no definition for ones thoughts. I enjoyed making new accounts (that I will most likely continue to use)… looking at other people’s working and realizing that although I may not think I’m being creative, someone else in the world may see my work as creative. Although it was sometimes a frustrating ride (completing assignments I wasn’t comfortable with or scared to do) … I am happy to say I got over the hurdle and completed my DS106 experience with a smile. :)

Good luck to the future DS106, enjoy it! 



Peyton Sawyer from “One Tree Hill” is a character that in the beginning represents the definition of a “stereotype”. Her character is misinterpreted completely and through her confusion within herself she becomes a mystery to everyone. What people think of her…… isn’t who she is ……. What she sees is simply …….. a MYSTERY. This Pinterest site created by Peyton exemplifies who is is, what people actually think, & the mysterious secret that no one knows about her ….that Peyton Sawyer can see EVERYTHING.

Get a little glimpse of Peyton… HERE
(Although DesignAssignment563 suggested a screenshot, I made an entire pinterest instead.)

…. Peyton has spent all of her life in a small town where everyone knows everything…. The person that she is today has a lot to do with growing up in Tree Hill. This poster that she made represents the loneliness that she experiences along with the desire to want MORE. One Tree Hill is a mystery within itself…. where are all the other trees? Why does Peyton always feel so alone?
(Inspired by DesignAssignment57 asking for a poster of a tv show location)

One Tree Hill Poster

Along with my mysterious town….. I wonder who’ll ever figure me out? I find myself feeling like a puzzle sometimes. A stereotypical high school cheerleader with an awesome boyfriend and a “great” life…. Who am I? Why don’t I know? I see sooooo many weird things on a daily basis, when is it all going to be figured out? I know I ask a lot of questions…. but when I figure out the answers, you’ll be the first to know. – Peyton has always been a form of mystery, to herself and to her surroundings. Her creativity and artwork show her secret cry for help, her cry for attention and to no longer feel alone.
(Inspired by DesignAssignment64 to caption a photo found on the ds106 flickr page)


Peyton was always known by her love for music music and her meaningful artwork…Although no one knew what she was feeling at times, her music always seemed to tell some type of story… It was as if she was writing poems to express what she saw, that no one else saw. Or even what she felt… that no one else was aware of. The world around her was always so confusing, but one thing she knew was that she had the support of her father who was always there, since her mother had passed. This iTunes playlist that Peyton created simply shows her hidden feelings in the way her Playlist is organized. It’s almost as if she’s crying our for her help, or thanking her Father for always being there….
(Inspired by VisualAssignment46, to create a poem playlist.)

Peyton's Playlist


One of the amazing things about Peyton … is her ability to talk and express herself, even if she is confused and can’t put everything together. Peyton holds a Podcast (nearly every night) and talks about her day … to the public viewers online. The idea of her being a mystery to herself changes once she posts all of her stuff online and expresses herself as well as seeks for help. Through this podcast the world learns about Peyton Sawyer…. and over time she’s more than mysterious…. she’s finds her place.
(I created a video using clips off of Peyton’s actual podcast from “One Tree Hill” and inserted photos of Peyton and her artwork.)

Letter home…….

I can’t believe the semester has come to an end!!!!

It felt like just yesterday I was creating my own website and struggling to come up with a domain name that I thought suited me well. It’s crazy to see that I am now completing my DS106 journey and signing out as a DS106er. Making the advice video actually brought back a lot of different memories … and this experience definitely taught me a lot. I got a chance to be a part of a radio show, to make my own movies, to tell stories in various ways, and lastly to experiment with my OWN thoughts and ideas. It was allllll a great journey and at times I found it difficult, but DEFINITELY worth it. I plan on continuing to use my website …. maybe an occasional blog here or there, or even some ds106 involvement. I mean …. I have to use all these apps on my computer at some point. I’m really glad I got to learn all these new things … I feel so ahead of the game in terms of technology haha. I hope future DS106ers enjoy the class as much as I did, taking this course was a great decision on my behalf. Here’s a little advice for the new-bees…. hope it helps ;)


Tutorial 2: “Picture Me This….”

Tutorial for VisualAssignment832: The new assignment created by yours truly.

1. When completing this assignment simply google search or locate an image of your choosing….

Step 1

2. After you’ve decided on your image, simply click on full-size image. Then, once it’s on full screen, right click the picture and “save image as” … then simply save it as something onto your desktop or elsewhere on your computer where you can later locate it.

Step 2

3. After you’ve saved your first image, then locate a picture of yourself that you intend to use.

Step 3

4. Next, open the app of your choosing (Paintbrush for Mac). and click on “File, Open” and simply open both of the photos that you decided on.

Step 4

5. Then, first figure out where you’d like to place your face. Once you know where you want your face to be, simply make the size of the picture of your face be close to the size of the spot in the picture that you’d like to replace. A good way of going about this is by going to your top toolbar and clicking “Image”, then “Image Size…” and simply changing the size until it becomes the size that you need.

Step 5

Step 6

6. Once the picture becomes the right size… you simply highlight the entire picture or the portion of the picture that you’d like (by clicking the selection button on the paintbrush toolbox) and then copy it.

Step 7

Step 8

7. After you’ve copied the picture …. simply click back on the other picture you’ve opened. Once your cursor is on this picture simply right click “paste” and move the picture to the right location…

Step 9

8. Once the picture looks the way you’d like, click “File” and “Save as..” saving it onto your desktop or a specific location.

Step 10

9. Lastly, log onto your account and upload the picture while also placing the tags “VisualAssignments” and “VisualAssignments832”

Step 11


…. After uploading your picture, simply post it on your blog & let us know how you did it…. what’s the real story behind your random face in this picture?

Assignment 2: Visual

The second assignment that I decided to create for this week can be found under the Visual Assignments and is worth 1 star. I decided to name this assignment “Picture Me This…”  For this second assignment I decided to have people take any random picture and place themselves in the picture in a very random way. When completing this assignment I decided to take a picture of one of my favorite players from my favorite soccer team (Wayne Rooney from Manchester United). I got a picture off of google of him kicking a soccer ball. After getting this picture I thought I’d find a very ridiculous picture of myself and simply replace the soccer ball with my face. In order to do this I made the picture of my face a lot smaller (to fit over the soccer ball) then I simply went to the Paintbrush app on my Mac and placed my face over the soccer ball in the picture. I then, uploaded this new picture onto my flickr account and tagged it correctly and this is what I got …

Wayne Rooney kicking my face


Also make sure to check out my tutorial on this assignment!!

Assignment 1: Video

The first assignment that I created for DS106 is found in the Video Assignment section. I wrote up all the information on how to complete this assignment and then I decided to do it myself. The assignment is called Triple M: Mix, Movies, Memories. This assignment is worth three stars and below is an example of what I did with this assignment :

The idea behind this video is that “A Walk to Remember” is one of my all time favorite movies and this is one of my favorite scenes as well. Then I simply found a clip that I thought would fit perfectly into this scene somewhere … and add a little funk to the original scene. Since the scene from “A Walk to Remember” included a fighting snippet, I decided on getting a video of professional boxers and inserting that into the original clip. I chose to take a little portion of this clip on boxers and then insert it in the scene, while taking out what actually happens in the scene (simply because this is a little more exciting). I then downloaded both scenes onto my laptop using and imported them into my iMovie. Once I had them both up I simply cropped, cut, and fiddled around with the scenes in order to create exactly what I wanted. Once I was done, I uploaded the new clip onto my youtube account and tagged it as VideoAssignments and VideoAssignments825 in order for my example to be seen. Below is the video I created off of my very own assignment idea:

Week 13&14 Summary

RemixThis: This week we focused a great deal on Remixes and this is my post about the concept of Remixing media.

Mashup/Remix Assignments: For this week I did the movie trailer assignment along with the album cover remix assignment. My assignments totaled 7 Stars.

Remix Assignment: For this week I completed my own version of a remix assignment…. using someone else’s old work.

Reflection: This weeks work for Mashup/Remix assignments was actually really interesting. After starting off with the concept of remix and how the the majority of the material that I have sen throughout my lifetime has actually been a form of remix is amazing. It’s crazy to realize that all of the things in this world have been combined and remixed together in order to create something new by someone else. Media is very interesting in those terms because you would never be able to figure out that all of this material has actually been used before in a different manner. It was interesting to see a lot of other students do remix assignments as well….you actually get a chance to see how other people interpret work and the crazy and interesting ideas that come from combining different materials. I’ve always been a huge fan of remixed songs, but I guess I never realized that all media is a form of remix in a way. This segment helps open our eyes into seeing that material can actually be reused and one small piece of work can actually be a starting point for something new. I think I got a good idea of how to combine my work and how to take an idea that I’ve had in my head and use someone else idea to make it my own. Yayyyyy!

Remix Assignment

During this week we were asked to create a remix assignment using the DS106 remix assignment website. The goal of this week was to take an assignment that was already completed and remix it based off of what the remix card suggested. I clicked on the remix generator a few times until I found an assignment that I thought was possible. The assignment that I was asked to remix was the “Colorize your World Assignment” and the remix card was “Turn up the Cheese”….This remix card asked of this “Use the worst, over the top design elements in an assignment. Use Arial or Papyrus fonts, green and pink colors, sappy music to make an assignment be the epitome of badness (not the good kind of bad).” After looking through various assignments completed by students apart of DS106 … either this year or years in the past, I decided on the assignment I thought I could remix the best. I ran across this post and thought that the story made enough sense so I figured I would remix it and see what I could do. Using paintbrush on my Mac and the iphoto settings I contrasted this assignments picture and then added a few funny looking features to make Dora The Explorer turn from completely normal to absolutely weird. I didn’t really know what to put to make a cartoon character look “bad”, but I figured making her look strange would be a good start. This is the original picture that I made a remix to :

Dora 1

After a few of my own edits and some fun with paintbrush… this is my Remixed version of Dora:

Dora 2

I think she actually looks a little less attractive and it’s obvious that I wasn’t trying to make her look presentable. She has some awesome highlights and really weird looking eyes …. I kind of like it in a strange way.

Remix Album Cover

The second assignment  that I decided to complete for my Mashup Assignments was the Remix an album cover, which was worth 3 stars. The assignment required taking an album cover and making it represent something completely different. For this assignment I thought that I would take a crazy album cover and have it seem as if it was the “Christmas Version”, but obviously not as appealing. I listen to all different types of music so it wasn’t very difficult for me to think of an album cover that was insane looking. I decided that I would pick one of my favorite artists Rihanna. She has a few intriguing album covers … I needed to narrow it down a bit so I decided to pic the album cover for her “Talk That Talk” album. I picked this album cover because she looks absolutely insane and it’s not very appealing to someone that would want to listen to a Christmas album. After picking the album I simply saved the picture onto my iPhone. Then I used the app that I got for free on the app store called “Captions Free” … It’s a pretty nifty app for pictures and I’ve used it for various other things as well. I then found some cool Christmas related pictures to attach to the album cover and make it look like it was about Christmas. I then added the caption “Xmas Style” in order to make it clear, but also represent something that Rihanna would name her album as well. This album cover obviously doesn’t represent Christmas …. or the idea of what Christmas is, but I made it work because I thought it would add a little humor as well. I then uploaded it onto my flickr account and here’s my finished product :

Rihanna Xmas Cover

2 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5
Total= 7/7 Stars! 

Mashup Movie Trailer

During this weeks Remix segment, we were asked to complete 7 stars worth of Mashup Assignments. The first assignment that I decided to do for this segment was to create a Movie Trailer Mashup. This assignment asked to take a movie trailer and have the audio be completely opposite of what the movie actually represents. For this assignment I decided to take the movie trailer of one of my favorite movies “Bridesmaids” and make the audio of the trailer sound as if it’s a scary, when in reality it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve seen. The audio trailer that I used was of the movie “The Apparition“. The reason I used this movie was because I thought that the audio course of events sounded like it would go really well with that of the Bridesmaid trailer. I downloaded both movie trailers onto my computer using then I uploaded Bridesmaid’s into my iMovie, but took the Apparition trailer and uploaded it into audacity in order to get the audio. I then combined both the trailer (muted) and the audio in order to produce a scary version of the Bridesmaid trailer and make my own Remix. This assignment was very interesting to do simply because I have already seen the bridesmaid and I know that it’s not a scary movie….. when I added the scary sound to the trailer it made it a lot more interesting. I felt like I was getting ready to watch an entirely different movie. I was also surprised to see how well this specific audio fit into the movie trailer, I didn’t expect them to go so well hand in hand. This Mashup Assignment was worth 4 stars. I can officially say  that I’ve made my own remix!!! It’s awesome to see how easy it can be to combine different forms of media in order to produce a new product that no one else has ever done.

Bridesmaids Trailer Remix:  


2 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5
Total= 4/7 Stars!