Peyton Sawyer from “One Tree Hill” is a character that in the beginning represents the definition of a “stereotype”. Her character is misinterpreted completely and through her confusion within herself she becomes a mystery to everyone. What people think of her…… isn’t who she is ……. What she sees is simply …….. a MYSTERY. This Pinterest site created by Peyton exemplifies who is is, what people actually think, & the mysterious secret that no one knows about her ….that Peyton Sawyer can see EVERYTHING.

Get a little glimpse of Peyton… HERE
(Although DesignAssignment563 suggested a screenshot, I made an entire pinterest instead.)

…. Peyton has spent all of her life in a small town where everyone knows everything…. The person that she is today has a lot to do with growing up in Tree Hill. This poster that she made represents the loneliness that she experiences along with the desire to want MORE. One Tree Hill is a mystery within itself…. where are all the other trees? Why does Peyton always feel so alone?
(Inspired by DesignAssignment57 asking for a poster of a tv show location)

One Tree Hill Poster

Along with my mysterious town….. I wonder who’ll ever figure me out? I find myself feeling like a puzzle sometimes. A stereotypical high school cheerleader with an awesome boyfriend and a “great” life…. Who am I? Why don’t I know? I see sooooo many weird things on a daily basis, when is it all going to be figured out? I know I ask a lot of questions…. but when I figure out the answers, you’ll be the first to know. – Peyton has always been a form of mystery, to herself and to her surroundings. Her creativity and artwork show her secret cry for help, her cry for attention and to no longer feel alone.
(Inspired by DesignAssignment64 to caption a photo found on the ds106 flickr page)


Peyton was always known by her love for music music and her meaningful artwork…Although no one knew what she was feeling at times, her music always seemed to tell some type of story… It was as if she was writing poems to express what she saw, that no one else saw. Or even what she felt… that no one else was aware of. The world around her was always so confusing, but one thing she knew was that she had the support of her father who was always there, since her mother had passed. This iTunes playlist that Peyton created simply shows her hidden feelings in the way her Playlist is organized. It’s almost as if she’s crying our for her help, or thanking her Father for always being there….
(Inspired by VisualAssignment46, to create a poem playlist.)

Peyton's Playlist


One of the amazing things about Peyton … is her ability to talk and express herself, even if she is confused and can’t put everything together. Peyton holds a Podcast (nearly every night) and talks about her day … to the public viewers online. The idea of her being a mystery to herself changes once she posts all of her stuff online and expresses herself as well as seeks for help. Through this podcast the world learns about Peyton Sawyer…. and over time she’s more than mysterious…. she’s finds her place.
(I created a video using clips off of Peyton’s actual podcast from “One Tree Hill” and inserted photos of Peyton and her artwork.)


The next assignment that I decided to do was “The Little Caption” …. I thought this was a really funny assignment to design… simply because there are so many pictures that leave you without thought, or that you have NO IDEA what it means. I have so many pictures that I take that I know very few people would understand…. or have any idea what’s going on in the picture itself. I thought I would do one of my roommate….. who actually does a lot of weird stuff. She spilled her yogurt all over the kitchen the other day and basically began whining about it until I came out of the room to see what she did. I just had to capture it in a picture, she looked RIDICULOUS. No one would understand what the caption means… but she’s just the type of person that does weird things.. or has weird things happen to her NATURALLY and people always assume she’s under the influence or just plain crazy. I thought I’d caption it “I’m not drunk, I promise” …. just to create some humor :)

The LITTLE caption

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The next design assignment that I decided to do was the assignment that allowed us to cartoon anyone’s face. The idea was to pick a picture of anyone or anything and place a cartoon character’s head as their head. I too a picture of my friend with the cake that we baked earlier this week….. and then I thought it would be very hilarious if I added a funny cartoon face to that picture. I am a very big fan of the cartoon series “Family guy” so I thought I would google search a picture of that and apply it to her face. I know that she will certainly find this humorous…… I had Stewie from the family guy look a little surprised at what he saw in the cake, it kind of looks a bit real!

Cartoon that Head


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Name that SINGLE!

The next assignment that I decided to do for my Design Assignments was called “Name that Single“. In this assignment we were asked to create a design for a song…. not using any words, but simply using symbols for the song! The song that I chose to do was ….. Aqua’s song “Barbie Girl”. I decided to do this song because it recently played on my iTunes and has basically been stuck in my head ever since…. when I saw this assignment that was the first song that popped up into my head. I decided to google search the words .. “barbie” and “barbie word” and see the various things that came up. Although I did not create either of these pictures myself. I am giving credit to the people that did ( & I then placed the photos into a word document and had an arrow pointing from the barbie to the barbie world… kind of singing the lyrics in my head as I did so. This assignment was pretty fun… I guess you don’t always have a mental picture when singing a song, but this caused me to think of one.

Name that single!

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Minimalist TV SHOW!

The next assignment that I decided to do was the MINIMALIST design (poster) or a tv show or movie. I thought this would be a cool assignment because it is generally open ended… it could be interpreted in many different ways and there are SO many tv shows and movies that could fit in. I decided to make with a desk in it….. The show that I wanted to represent was “The Office”. I love watching that show and I figured representing it minimally wouldn’t be very hard…. especially because of the name. I decided I would create a picture of a desk with some supplies on it in order to explain that it was an “office”…. I did this through the use of the Mac app, Paintbrush! I thought that having a desk, looking like an office was very minimal, but it was also very ironic. The office is a show that doesn’t really have a lot to do with the idea of an “office” so I thought that would add a bit of humor…. because that is the name of it, without being its exact topic. I think this captures the “essence” of the story because although it is just a desk with a few supplies, one may understand or quickly think of the show because of it’s name (especially because it seems to be a fairly popular show). It kind of resembles a game of pictionary…. I loved playing that!

Minimalist TV

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The next design assignment that I thought I would complete dealt with a WORD. The idea of the assignment was to make a word (any word) represent it’s meaning through it’s font. The example used on the assignment was the word Magic… which had the letters “agic” coming out of the center of the M. I thought this was a very creative way to have the word “Magic” show it’s meaning…. It made me want to do a word, but thinking of the word was not very easy. I decided to do the word BULKY….. Bulky is defined as “large, thick, or lofty”… I found a font that would easily represent the meaning of Bulky and then I figured out how to put it in a manner that best represented the word to an observer. I realized that this wasn’t a word most commonly used, but it is an adjective that can be used in many forms. I used a word document to place the word in the manner that I wished, but I made the B have more of a presence …. because it actually looks kind of BULKY. Without any color and any actual drawing… I think I represented the word “BULKY” in the best manner that I could using simply the font and it’s shape.



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