Letter home…….

I can’t believe the semester has come to an end!!!!

It felt like just yesterday I was creating my own website and struggling to come up with a domain name that I thought suited me well. It’s crazy to see that I am now completing my DS106 journey and signing out as a DS106er. Making the advice video actually brought back a lot of different memories … and this experience definitely taught me a lot. I got a chance to be a part of a radio show, to make my own movies, to tell stories in various ways, and lastly to experiment with my OWN thoughts and ideas. It was allllll a great journey and at times I found it difficult, but DEFINITELY worth it. I plan on continuing to use my website …. maybe an occasional blog here or there, or even some ds106 involvement. I mean …. I have to use all these apps on my computer at some point. I’m really glad I got to learn all these new things … I feel so ahead of the game in terms of technology haha. I hope future DS106ers enjoy the class as much as I did, taking this course was a great decision on my behalf. Here’s a little advice for the new-bees…. hope it helps ;)


2 thoughts on “Letter home…….

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  2. Thanks Enisa, there are so many parts of this I want my future students to pay attention to- I am very proud and pleased with the work you did this semester and how you grew into the blogging and creative.

    Most importantly, it makes me feel good to hear how you have found your own voice. That is something almost one has to learn themselves.

    Best of luck going forward! I hope you can peek back and lend a hand, or just do some things for fun.

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