Peyton Sawyer from “One Tree Hill” is a character that in the beginning represents the definition of a “stereotype”. Her character is misinterpreted completely and through her confusion within herself she becomes a mystery to everyone. What people think of her…… isn’t who she is ……. What she sees is simply …….. a MYSTERY. This Pinterest site created by Peyton exemplifies who is is, what people actually think, & the mysterious secret that no one knows about her ….that Peyton Sawyer can see EVERYTHING.

Get a little glimpse of Peyton… HERE
(Although DesignAssignment563 suggested a screenshot, I made an entire pinterest instead.)

…. Peyton has spent all of her life in a small town where everyone knows everything…. The person that she is today has a lot to do with growing up in Tree Hill. This poster that she made represents the loneliness that she experiences along with the desire to want MORE. One Tree Hill is a mystery within itself…. where are all the other trees? Why does Peyton always feel so alone?
(Inspired by DesignAssignment57 asking for a poster of a tv show location)

One Tree Hill Poster

Along with my mysterious town….. I wonder who’ll ever figure me out? I find myself feeling like a puzzle sometimes. A stereotypical high school cheerleader with an awesome boyfriend and a “great” life…. Who am I? Why don’t I know? I see sooooo many weird things on a daily basis, when is it all going to be figured out? I know I ask a lot of questions…. but when I figure out the answers, you’ll be the first to know. – Peyton has always been a form of mystery, to herself and to her surroundings. Her creativity and artwork show her secret cry for help, her cry for attention and to no longer feel alone.
(Inspired by DesignAssignment64 to caption a photo found on the ds106 flickr page)


Peyton was always known by her love for music music and her meaningful artwork…Although no one knew what she was feeling at times, her music always seemed to tell some type of story… It was as if she was writing poems to express what she saw, that no one else saw. Or even what she felt… that no one else was aware of. The world around her was always so confusing, but one thing she knew was that she had the support of her father who was always there, since her mother had passed. This iTunes playlist that Peyton created simply shows her hidden feelings in the way her Playlist is organized. It’s almost as if she’s crying our for her help, or thanking her Father for always being there….
(Inspired by VisualAssignment46, to create a poem playlist.)

Peyton's Playlist


One of the amazing things about Peyton … is her ability to talk and express herself, even if she is confused and can’t put everything together. Peyton holds a Podcast (nearly every night) and talks about her day … to the public viewers online. The idea of her being a mystery to herself changes once she posts all of her stuff online and expresses herself as well as seeks for help. Through this podcast the world learns about Peyton Sawyer…. and over time she’s more than mysterious…. she’s finds her place.
(I created a video using clips off of Peyton’s actual podcast from “One Tree Hill” and inserted photos of Peyton and her artwork.)

2 thoughts on “FINAL PROJECT: Peytonnnn

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  2. This is an interesting and well constructed narrative around Peyton’s character. Not being familiar with One Tree Hill, I may be missing if you are working of of the narrative of the show or if you have added other dimensions to her character.

    One of the more interesting parts is the framing of the pinterest around the “what she sees” “what the world sees” like the design assignment. There is a lot of potential there to insert a clue or a message just in the visual form, more than illustrating her traits, it could have left room for a suggestion of the unexpected (say a blurry image of a UFO).

    So I very much like all the work you did here, its not 100% clear whether the story is something you have created or if it is illustrating the one in the show.

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