DAY 1!!!!

After a very long journey that seemed to last forever, we are finally stable in our hotel just outside the city of Nice, France!

We left the U.S at 7pm Monday night (June 3rd) and arrived to Nice at 11 am on Tuesday morning…. keep in mind that there is a 6 hour time difference.

After our arrival in Nice we all decided that instead of heading to the hotel we would enjoy a 3 hour time free time period downtown. We were able to grab lunch and just be normal tourists in the beautiful city on the French Riviera. Around 330 (930 am Va time) we went on a 2 hour guided tour and learned some historical information about the city of Nice. Although the city was gorgeous, it was obvious that everyone was exhausted and that we really needed some rest. Around 545 pm we headed to the hotel, about a 30 minute journey outside of Nice (due to traffic, it took us nearly an hour). We had an hour to prepare ourselves before we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the “HOTEL du BAOU“.

That’s it for day one, time to catch up on some zzz’s. Tomorrow we get a chance to tour around Cannes and play in our first Friendly match. Wish us luck!!!



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