This week we attempted to tell stories using the web…..

Radio Review: The first thing that I posted about this week was the review of a radio show that we were assigned. My group was assigned the ADAAM Radio Show and I thought that it actually sounded very good. I reviewed their radio show as well as my own groups radio show…. I even gave them some stars.

Daily Creates: For our daily creates I took three different daily create photographs and attempted to explain them in a story like manner. I didn’t really understand the whole idea of it, but I attempted to do it as best as I could.

Reflection: For this week I didn’t complete all that was asked. We were required to do web assignments that I honestly didn’t get around to completing. I intended to complete them and ultimately turn them in late… but I knew that if I added time to that then I would fall behind on the assignments due for week 10. I got a chance to view a few students’ work on the web assignments and they actually look really cool. If I get a chance I will definitely come back to this week and finish that assignment.

Goal: Get to everything for this week & do it REALLY well!!!


For weeks 7 & 8 our main focus was the completion of our radio show and audio assignments.

Audio Assignments: This week we were asked to complete 10 stars worth of Audio assignments.

1. This is the post that I made for my first Audio Assignment of the week. I got a chance to make a ringtone using Audacity…. the awesome part is that I actually use the ringtone now.

2. The second Audio Assignment that I decided to do was the Chimpmunk’d song… I used one of my current favorite songs and chipmunk’d it using Audacity once again.. I think it actually sounds pretty cool!

3. The next Audio Assignment I completed was about taking an order from Mcd’s … in an accent and the one I chose to do was a British accent…. it was actually pretty fun.

4. The last Audio Assignment I completed was the Multi-personality one. It asked us to be multiple people (3/4) and have a story be told during it. This assignment was actually a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting it done and being creative with it.

Phonar: During this week we were also asked to submit 4 unused pieces of media into the ds106 phonar recycling project. I submitted photos for all of mine. The titles of my photos were as follows:
1. First Draft of BULKY.png
2. Waste from Design Assignments.jpg
3. Waste from design safari.jpg
4. Waste from design safari2.jpg

Comment Challenge: This is the link to my post on the comment challenge started by another student for this week.

Daily Creates:  This week we were asked to complete 6 daily creates…. Here’s a post explaining all of mine … fairly detailed!

Radio Show: This is a link to the post I wrote about our Radio Show that was due this week…. I am pretty sure I answered most of the questions asked in the weekly summary, but I’ll reflect a little more on the ones I didn’t get around to.

My group chose our theme through discussion and trying to find something that we would all be comfortable with. In my post I discussed some of the hard parts of doing this assignment, but I was lucky to have two other people that were willing to do everything they could to ensure our radio show was a success. The contribution of each member was first discussed generally… then as we all realized we don’t like the sound of our own voices… we got a little picky on who would have the part that spoke the most…. I got stuck with that part after we picked parts of a straw…. I got the shortest one -__-. I actually didn’t mind it that much, I tried my best to do what I could with what was being asked of me. I think our group did a great job and that our show sounds and represents exactly what we hoped it would… I’m really proud of our effort as a whole.

Reflection: I was actually kind of scared going into the Audio Assignments and dealing a lot with the Audio portion of this class…. I’m not a big fan of listening to my own voice, but I guess when I’m alone and the concept of being able to alter my voice .. It isn’t all that bad. Dealing with Audio can take some time and test your comfort a lot.. I thought I tried my best to get comfortable and worry less about what I sounded like and more about what the assignment’s goal was. I’m glad I got to work on a variety of audio assignments these past few weeks… It really did help a lot and I think our radio show is a good example of that as well. When I started this class I didn’t expect to get much out of the Audio portion… I figured I’d skim through it and avoid as much of it as possible (hence the daily creates that I usually avoid). I will admit that I’m getting more out of it then expected and I am enjoying it more as well. A lot of the tasks this week tested my limits, but I’m glad I got to learn new ways of enjoying audio and recording my own voice. I also realized that Audio doesn’t always have to be about the way your voice turns out .. there are other fun factors of it, including the story and emotion that comes out of a piece of audio work as apposed to a picture or drawing.

May I take your order?

One of the Audio Assignments that I decided to was to the one titled “May I take your Order”. I thought this one was a fun assignment because I have actually gone to McDonald’s and put on an accent to take an order before. My friends seem to enjoy doing that all the time…. I basically just put on a british accent and pretended to place an order. I ordered my three favorite things from Mcd’s and it was actually so hard to keep a straight face and not crack up. I’m not the best at accents, but I tried my best. It was a fun assignment.


2 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 5
Total= 7/10 Stars!

WEEEEK 6 Summary

Design: This week we did our assignments based off the idea of “Design” …. It provided us with the idea of how everything that we create or manufacture can be considered as a form of design. Throughout the week we did design assignments in order to establish our understanding of Design and how it could be connected to Digital Storytelling.

Design Safari: Our first design assignment for the week was to create a design safari… in which we take 4 elements that are connected to the meaning of “Design” and find examples of objects, posters, etc. in order to represent those words. I thought I would cover 4 of the words by mixing it up between actual objects and posters that I saw fit the description. This activity was very fun and it allowed us to understand a bit more of how design can be found in our everyday lives. At one point I had a tough time deciding which picture would best represent the word I was trying to cover. Here is the link to my post on my Design Safari.

Daily Creates: This week we were asked to do four daily creates. They all seemed to be connected somewhat to the idea of “Design” as well. I tried to cover a verity of these daily creates in order to jump around and have them fit in with the rest of my work. I feel like each daily create allows you to think a little bit outside the box as you’re coming up with different ideas on what best represents each daily create. Keep up with my daily creates here.

DS106 Radio: I finally got a chance to get in contact with most of my group about our Radio Show project. It has been a very frustrating journey, but I think we tried to come up with an idea that everyone could easily work with and target. We tried to be a little different, while still making it so our Radio Show was interesting. I created a poster for our show and incorporated it with DS106 Radio. It’s becoming very difficult with so many people with different schedules getting together, but I’m glad to say that some members of our group will make this all work out. Get a little glimpse of what we plan on doing by clicking here.

Design Assignments: This week we were asked to do 15 stars worth of Design Assignments. They were very difficult, but in a fun manner of course. It caused a lot of mind thinking to get the right concept of Design under my belt. The different ideas of design given to us in the assignment link for the Safari allowed these designs to become a little easier. Once getting a gist of how each assignment was suppose to work… getting it done became a lot easier. I loved all of the examples given and how it connects to the rest of ds106, it allows for each of us to build off of each other and gather new ideas you never really thought about. Here are the links to my design assignments for this week.

1. I already posted a link to my DS106 Poster… that was one assignment.

2. I did an assignment to zombify myself… Halloween related!

3. I made a design of a word.

4. My minimalist Tv show is displayed.

5. Look at the picture… can you name that Single?

6. What’s Stewie doing on that head?

7. I just HAD TO caption that silly girl.

Reflection: I had a bit of a difficult time with this week. I’m going to be completely honest and say that I never really thought about design before this week. I have never had a chance to witness and appreciate design as much as this week has asked. These assignments took a lot out of me, mentally… only because I never found myself thinking about objects and posters and pictures in this manner. Design is a very broad term and it is used in so many ways and by so many people …. but the actual meaning of it is so much more involved. I thought that these assignments were very vague because people could think of so many things to do for each one …. but then I sat back and thought about how much people really do think about their design and the purpose behind it. I guess I built a greater appreciation for objects and things that you may buy at the store… or signs that you see hanging around campus or even in public events. People actually consider this as a design or a form of telling stories and catching the eye of an observer. It really did help to see how stories and media work when design and it’s components come into play.

HELLOOOOO WEEK 7! Why is time flying by so quickly?

Week 5 Summary!!

Resources: This week we had a lot of new resources provided to us for photography. I found most of them very useful when I was doing my Visual Assignments and even my Daily Creates. I downloaded a lot of new apps to my phone and it really did make a difference when I wanted to do various effects. I even found myself enhancing pictures that I wasn’t using for the class, they actually look pretty cool. I liked the tips of bettering myself as a photographer…. like the one about actually paying attention to the moment and slowing down when trying to get a good photograph or scene. The resources gave a better look into the variety of photos that a person can take as well and really showed an edge for creativity.

PhotoBlitz Project: Doing the photoblitz project for this week I thought was actually very fun! I got a chance to test myself under a time limit and it caused my mind to distribute various ideas and views of objects that people don’t normally think of. This is the link to my post for the project, I used the photos I thought best represented my work. I also explained each photo with a story…. so although you have a chance to think of what was being displayed, you get an understanding of how I saw them as well. I honestly thought doing the photo blitz first helped me with the rest of my Visual Assignments for this week.

Flickr: During this week I also got a chance to mess around with my Flickr account. I created some new sets to make it easier for myself to organize my pictures and locate them later as well. I customized it as well as I could in terms of the links that were given to us. I really liked the idea of being able to email my pictures directly to my flickr….. even though I haven’t tried it yet! I also posted a blog of my set titled my “Best Work” … these are some of the photos that I thought came out the best and were really appealing. I will certainly be adding more pictures to this soon, so the slideshow is short as of now. The blog post also explains why I picked these photos a little more. Luckily I caught on to someones question about how to add the slideshow onto WordPress and I was able to also catch Alan’s response and figure it out too…. It would’ve been challenging to do alone.

Daily Creates: This week we were asked to do three daily creates. I didn’t think they were very challenging, but the ones I picked I think went pretty well with the rest of the Visual Assignments I was doing. Here is the link to the entire blog post that I made on all three of my daily creates and I also included fairly detailed explanations. I think doing daily creates is a fun thing and it causes your mind to get creative. I have also followed the daily creates on twitter and have programmed it to send me the daily create as a text from the twitter…. It actually makes it easier to think of stuff when you know first thing in the morning what the daily create is.

Visual Assignments: We were asked to do at least 10 stars worth of Visual Assignments for the week, I chose to do 5 different assignments all worth two stars. Many of the assignments I chose by clicking on the “try random one” button because I knew that way I would be more creative. I thought each assignment required some thought and I actually enjoyed thinking of different things to do. Each blog post that I created for each of my visual assignments has it’s own story and explanation included, make sure to check them out:
My first visual assignment ; A common object that I changed the color of.
My second visual assignment ; My name found somewhere…. not actually FOUND ;)
My third visual assignment ; Black & white… with a splash of color!
My fourth visual assignment ; The before & after of a FUNNY event.
My fifth & last visual assignment ; Drawing something out, using the effect.

REFLECTION: So far….. this has been my favorite week. I find photography very fun. I think anyone can have fun with photography and there are SO many different ways of going about it. I have never really taken photography classes, or used one of those high tech cameras to capture pictures, I really don’t think that’s the only form of photography or being visual. I have always been the type of person that takes photos when I see something awesome or something fun occurring. If you were to ask my friends, they’d all tell you I’m the first to pull out my iPhone and take a picture if I see anything that I believe is worth another glance. One of my favorite things has been taking pictures of friends doing something silly, or even the sky when it’s naturally beautiful (a nice sunset or sunrise maybe). I think being visual is so much more than just taking photos of something assigned. I think these assignments allowed a great deal of creativity. People were able to chose from SO many things this week and really get creative. I don’t believe anyone needs to be a professional photographer to capture a great photo. The wonderful thing about this week’s lesson is the idea that taking photographs and doing visual assignments is such a flexible thing… For example the photo blitz assignment could have easily been completed ANYWHERE, even though there were guidelines and goals for the pictures. I believe someone could’ve EASILY completed that assignment by just sitting in their room and getting creative. Photography and capturing a great photo comes from the person and NOT following a specific guideline on how to take a photograph, but by simply messing around with it until you find something you really like. I think it’s safe to say that this week I learned a lot about how a person can be visual and all the various apps and creations in the world that make a photograph so much more exciting. A picture of a soda can can be taken in so many different ways, enhanced, and even edited with so many different effects…. but at the end of the day it’s still a regular soda can. Telling a story visually I believe ultimately depends on how the person taking the visuals wants it to be interpreted. There are various approaches that can be taken and no one can really judge you for the “quality” of your story, because it is YOUR story.

Funnny …before & after

The fourth Visual Assignment that I decided to do this week called, “Before and After

Before & After

This was another assignment that I found through the “try a random” button. I thought this would be a pretty simple picture to do…. It’s easy to find something with a small story & be pretty funny with it. The reason this was easy for me was because I actually had a friend do the same assignment, with me as the joke…. (yes, I fell of a chair and was caught on camera….) One of my friends REALLY REALLY loves cats, but they aren’t always very friendly ….. Finding a picture that represents a “Before and After” stage can be interpreted in so many different ways. This particular assignment asked for a funny event, but it depends on what people think is funny. For example, I thought that my friend getting scratched by her favorite animal was funny….. in my picture you can tell she thought it was pretty funny too!

The process of doing this assignment only involved a friend and her cat. I didn’t really need to ask her to be funny and get scratched by her cat … I just needed a picture that didn’t show her scratch an then one that did. It’s a funny story because it happens to so many people. If someone wanted to do this assignment it would be very easy to plan it and get humor out of it as well. There are various occasions that can be planned and caught on camera. Humor is a definite component in being successful with this particular visual assignment. I also, had an app on my phone (yes I use my phone to help me A LOT) that connected the two pictures together easily. I just made sure they fit into the square and saved it, then uploaded it onto my flickr. It looks perfect because you can tell there is a BEFORE and an AFTER…. Hopefully someone else trying to do this assignment has friends that do funny things, getting two pictures might be the easiest part.


I recently got a chance to customize my flickr account and actually get a gist of how to work things. I made a new “set” for all my best work that I’ve uploaded this far. I haven’t really added many photos to it, but I did add most of my favorites. I added some pictures that I used for my visual assignments as well as pictures I’ve used for my daily creates. All of them are titled and kind of give an explanation to the picture. I have one of my favorite rings and I have three from my trip to Wisconsin and Chicago. The last two are from my visual assignment explained in the blog post below. Check them out; feel free to comment and let me know what you think!!



Reflection: During this week of DS we learned about audio storytelling and how it actually works. We got to listen to people talk about audio storytelling, listen to the radio a lot, listen to actual audio stories, make our own version of an audio story, and make a radio bumper. It was a lot of work, but I think I got the gist of audio storytelling for now…. Throughout the week I found myself very overwhelmed and frustrated with all of the audio based stuff. I’ve never really been good with working on sound and audio related things, I have always lacked that talent. I felt like there were so many things I had to do and I just couldn’t figure out how to get started. Although the video’s and things helped I think I just put a lot on myself and panicked before I even gave it a chance.

Luckily I got through it all and know that I tried my best. Although I faced some challenges during this week, I’m glad to say I completed everything the way it needed to be done. I think the hardest thing for me this week was learning how to use Audacity and then making my Sound Effect Story using it. This probably took me two or so days to finish just because I allowed myself to get frustrated. I’m glad I got through it and finally learned how Audacity works …. all this technology is crazy!!

Audio Storytelling: My first blog post for this week was based off of the video’s I watched on how audio storytelling works. The view of radio and it’s importance through someone else’s eyes, but also knowing why and how it can be effective. I got a lot out of those videos because it helped with the rest of the week.

Listening to a story: I got a chance to listen to an audio story for one our assignments. The whole concept of telling a story with music, sound and narration involved really seemed hard to me at first. While listening to Lucy and the Bike Girl (the story that I chose to blog about) I got a new idea for how storytelling via audio can be effective. It wasn’t just someone reading a story out loud, it’s an audio story because of the audio that was incorporated in telling the actual story. I thought this assignment was really interesting and it opened up my listening a little more.

DS106Radio: A lot of the time during this week I found myself listening to DS106 Radio. The AutoDJ was set to some pretty good music, but I also liked the live interaction that I saw throughout the week. I went into more detail about the entire concept of DS106 Radio and what I got a chance to listen to in my blog post a few days ago.

Audio Assignments: I got a chance to make my own story using sounds during one of this weeks assignments. Although it didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, I think I got most of my story across. I created a Sound Effect Story and attempted for it to bring back a time that I really miss in life. Although I still play soccer, there is nothing like being a little kid and playing it for pure fun; mindlessly.

The other assignment for audio this week was to create a Radio Bumper for our class’s radio station. I tried to make it apply to the radio station as much as I could, while still including some of my own flavor. I’m not big on talking and recording my own voice…. It always creeps me out, but I made this work and I hope it makes the cut at least once haha. I also like that if I ever want/need to record another again… now I know how!

Daily Creates: This week we were asked to do 3 Daily Creates.

1. The number 3: The daily create asked us to represent the “number 3″ in some way shape or form. This is a picture of my three favorite rings that I wear nearly EVERYDAY. Strangely enough I wear all three of these rings on my left hand…. I lined them up on a desk in a cool manner so they were more appealing.


2. Miniature Golf Day: The next daily create I decided to do happened to be on Miniature Golf Day. I asked a friend to help me think of something for this day and this is what we came up with. It shows a mini golf course and attempting to get the golf ball where the red flag is … HOLE IN ONE. I’m not very creative, but I hope this gets the message across.

Mini golf

3. Company Mergers: The last daily create I did for this week was the one about company mergers. I thought I would add an iPad to a refrigerator and make an iFridge …. you could do all types of things with an iPad on your fridge …. not realistic, but defiantly COOL.



That’s it for this week, it’s been a rough one… but I’m ready for Week 5!!



Radio Bumperrr

Another one of our assignments this week was to make a Radio Bumper for our classes Radio station (DS106Radio). I thought this was a pretty neat idea and I had a lot of fun doing it. Again, I used Audacity and imported a song, then incorporated my own voice and made some changes to get my own Bumper. It was all a bit overwhelming, but I think I did a decent job. I used the instrumental version of the song Little Secrets by Passion Pit, because 1. I love this song and 2. I felt like it kind of went with the type of music normally played on DS106Radio. I didn’t like that I had to use my own voice, I always get so nervous haha. Either way…. ENJOY! #ds106radio


WEEK 3 … the storytelling phase


Here’s the link to my DIGITAL STORYTELLING post. My idea’s haven’t really changed, but I’ve begun to see a more clear concept on the Digital aspect of storytelling. Hopefully overtime I’ll have a less confusing and more clear understanding of it all myself.

This is the link to my analysis of Finding Nemo based off of Kurt Vonnegut’s video on Shapes of stories. The process made really good sense for analyzing stories because it made you think about various peeks in all the stories.

Daily Creates:

Busy sidewalk: I love this picture because there is SO MUCH going on that your eyes can’t help, but stare. I took this picture in Madison, Wisconsin this past summer during one of their weekend markets.

Busy Sidewalk

Something I miss…: I actually really hate drawing, but it felt good to get this one on paper. I’m originally from Bosnia and I can’t help but miss being there sometimes and the family that I have over there. It’s one of the things in life that I’ll never ever stop missing, it’s just a part of me I guess.

I miss you...

Pattern: This picture just happened to be on my phone when I saw this daily create. It’s not the best quality, but I’m sure it’s fairly tough to guess what it is … (A camo t-shirt my friend was wearing)


Giraffe: If a Giraffe were to live in our society a lot of their actions would change… they might even be drinking a frappe from Mcds.


MY STORY THROUGH 5 FRAMES … This activity was actually harder than expected, but I had a fun time doing it … I felt like starting with a simple story could eventually let me grow into making bigger stories using only a few frames. It could possibly allow my mind to wander and hopefully be more creative. I know that eating cereal for breakfast isn’t the most exciting story, but IT WORKS :)

Participation: Surprisingly, I enjoyed visiting other people’s websites and actually getting to them easily. I think it’s pretty cool that we can go to just one place and be able to chose which site we’d like to look at, I like Google Reader. I thought I would knock one thing out at a time, so I posted as many comments as I could get to in one night. It helped me see the variety of progress and what many people were capable of. I posted various comments on websites and tried to give some fun feed back. I tried to be as simple, yet encouraging as I could because although some sites were better and more organized than others… I could tell that people were actually giving effort. Anyways, I know how good I felt once I got a comment on my hard work too. Here’s the link to my participation through twitter….. I don’t always tag #ds106, but almost all of my tweets are about this class, PROMISE.

BLOG: My last weekly summary was the post that I attempted to get at least five comments on. I felt like it was my most interesting blog post and also the one I spent the most time on. It semi worked, but I feel like people look at it and just don’t feel the need to comment. I liked the feedback that I did receive, it was nice to know people were interested.

Overall: Generally speaking I really enjoy DS106. It takes up a lot of time and causes me to work outside my comfort zone in terms of creativity, but that’s not always a bad thing. I think it’s going really well from me right now and I love all the things I’m learning. I’m more comfortable with posting blogs and soon enough I know I’ll be posting a lot more outside of  assignments. I hope my site isn’t boring to any readers because I really do try my best to impress. As of now I don’t think I need any help, but I definitely know how to tweet if I get stuck. This was a long long long post, but ENJOY.