Tutorial 2: “Picture Me This….”

Tutorial for VisualAssignment832: The new assignment created by yours truly.

1. When completing this assignment simply google search or locate an image of your choosing….

Step 1

2. After you’ve decided on your image, simply click on full-size image. Then, once it’s on full screen, right click the picture and “save image as” … then simply save it as something onto your desktop or elsewhere on your computer where you can later locate it.

Step 2

3. After you’ve saved your first image, then locate a picture of yourself that you intend to use.

Step 3

4. Next, open the app of your choosing (Paintbrush for Mac). and click on “File, Open” and simply open both of the photos that you decided on.

Step 4

5. Then, first figure out where you’d like to place your face. Once you know where you want your face to be, simply make the size of the picture of your face be close to the size of the spot in the picture that you’d like to replace. A good way of going about this is by going to your top toolbar and clicking “Image”, then “Image Size…” and simply changing the size until it becomes the size that you need.

Step 5

Step 6

6. Once the picture becomes the right size… you simply highlight the entire picture or the portion of the picture that you’d like (by clicking the selection button on the paintbrush toolbox) and then copy it.

Step 7

Step 8

7. After you’ve copied the picture …. simply click back on the other picture you’ve opened. Once your cursor is on this picture simply right click “paste” and move the picture to the right location…

Step 9

8. Once the picture looks the way you’d like, click “File” and “Save as..” saving it onto your desktop or a specific location.

Step 10

9. Lastly, log onto your www.flickr.com account and upload the picture while also placing the tags “VisualAssignments” and “VisualAssignments832”

Step 11


…. After uploading your picture, simply post it on your blog & let us know how you did it…. what’s the real story behind your random face in this picture?

Assignment 2: Visual

The second assignment that I decided to create for this week can be found under the Visual Assignments and is worth 1 star. I decided to name this assignment “Picture Me This…”  For this second assignment I decided to have people take any random picture and place themselves in the picture in a very random way. When completing this assignment I decided to take a picture of one of my favorite players from my favorite soccer team (Wayne Rooney from Manchester United). I got a picture off of google of him kicking a soccer ball. After getting this picture I thought I’d find a very ridiculous picture of myself and simply replace the soccer ball with my face. In order to do this I made the picture of my face a lot smaller (to fit over the soccer ball) then I simply went to the Paintbrush app on my Mac and placed my face over the soccer ball in the picture. I then, uploaded this new picture onto my flickr account and tagged it correctly and this is what I got …

Wayne Rooney kicking my face


Also make sure to check out my tutorial on this assignment!!

Assignment 1: Video

The first assignment that I created for DS106 is found in the Video Assignment section. I wrote up all the information on how to complete this assignment and then I decided to do it myself. The assignment is called Triple M: Mix, Movies, Memories. This assignment is worth three stars and below is an example of what I did with this assignment :

The idea behind this video is that “A Walk to Remember” is one of my all time favorite movies and this is one of my favorite scenes as well. Then I simply found a clip that I thought would fit perfectly into this scene somewhere … and add a little funk to the original scene. Since the scene from “A Walk to Remember” included a fighting snippet, I decided on getting a video of professional boxers and inserting that into the original clip. I chose to take a little portion of this clip on boxers and then insert it in the scene, while taking out what actually happens in the scene (simply because this is a little more exciting). I then downloaded both scenes onto my laptop using www.keepvid.com and imported them into my iMovie. Once I had them both up I simply cropped, cut, and fiddled around with the scenes in order to create exactly what I wanted. Once I was done, I uploaded the new clip onto my youtube account and tagged it as VideoAssignments and VideoAssignments825 in order for my example to be seen. Below is the video I created off of my very own assignment idea:

Daily Creates TO DO

As DS106ers one of the main things that we focused on was the “Daily Creates”. We were asked to make two daily creates for future DS106 students to complete. Earlier this semester we posted one of our daily create ideas already …. I decided to keep that idea and then just create another one along side.

Daily Create Idea 1: Take a picture of the first thing you remember from your dream once you wake up.
I’m pretty sure that’s the daily create that I came up with (or really similar to it, probably not word for word). This daily create fits under the Photography portion. Simply upload this on your flickr account … and include the tags provided.

Daily Create Idea 2: Draw a picture combining your two favorite cartoon characters (ex: Spongebob & Dora).
This daily create fits under the drawing category and can be interpreted in various ways. The goal is to be as creative as you’d like in order to display two of your favorite cartoons in one picture. An idea being the head of Dora on Spongebob’s square body?


TUTORIAL for getting texts from Twitter!!!

Sooooooo, Alan said that I could write up a Tutorial on how I get his tweets directly to my phone as a text message. If you’re like me… & you have two twitter accounts, one for ds106 and one for your own personal tweets. This may even be helpful if you don’t get on twitter a lot or follow way too many people to see all of your professors tweets.

This really comes in handy because I get the tweets directly as text messages and it’s easy to just skim them or see what may be important. You can have ANYONE’S tweets come directly to your phone. Here’s how I do it: 

1. Log into your twitter (online).

2. Go to your Twitter settings on the top right.

3. On the left side there should be a tab called “Mobile”. Click on it.

4. There should be an option called “Activate Twitter Text Messaging” .. simple

5. Simply add your phone number and then it will instruct you to do the rest.

6. After you have received a text from a 404-04 number then you are ALMOST finished.

7. You then go to the website of the person’s tweets you’d like to receive, in my case it was @cogdog.

8. Once on their website there should be a little icon next to the “Following” button. Click on it.

9. Simply click on the button that says “Turn on mobile notifications.”


Here are some screen shots for what this should look like:
Steps 5 and 6 are not displayed, (use your own phones)

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4


Also…. there are other various settings you can change, such as getting @ mentions to your phone. ANDDDDDD You can even send tweets to that number if you want.

I hope this helps people out. Feel free to leave a comment if I missed something, or if you have any questions.