Review of Radio Show!

My group was assigned to review another groups radio show…. The show that I was assigned to do was the The ADAAM Radio Show. I really liked their show. They did a good job keeping the sound even and consistent throughout the show. It’s difficult to make everyone’s recording even in tone, but they did a great job keeping it constant. They did a wonderful job of throwing in sounds to add affect to their words. Even their commercials and bumpers had some sounds and music to add entertainment. I like the spookiness of the show and I also really enjoyed that it started by discussing the history of Halloween itself. They seemed to really want the show “The Adam’s Family” to be a basis for their work, I think they used a fair amount of their sounds and I thought it was very effective in their plot. The tone and drama of the show was evident and the spookiness and halloween theme prevailed as well. The music was very effective simply because it kept you in the halloween mentality … especially the song they used in the beginning. The story seemed to represent the halloween well and I enjoyed listening to it. If I could star this show…. I think I would give them a 4.5 stars. Simply because there are always things that could be changed and a bit more effective, but I think they did a very good job.


Adventures in DC: Net radio show review!

I think our group did a fairly good job. The audio over-all worked well together… There were definitely parts that stuck out a little louder, or quieter than others … not a huge difference. There were no signs of background noises, but you can certainly tell when we added alternate sound effects to portray the story plot, or keep the scene active. The transitions from scene to scene were effective for the most part, but sometimes there may have been a slight glimpse of quietness…. The show sounded like it went smoothly, with a few slight mishaps. The story line was clear, but obviously sometimes difficult to understand. The sound effects allowed for the listener to understand a little better though. The show was well structured and the idea was as clear as possible… DC isn’t always a fun environment. The music seemed very effective, but also individual from the story plot and more resembled an actual radio show. The driver could have displayed a little more frustration to add some drama to the show, but over all you can tell there were some issues involving drama. If I had to star the show, I think I would give it a 4.2 rating. There were a few things that definitely could have been more effective.


Adventures in DC with 18 Listeners!!!

Our radio show was one of the first broadcasted on ds106 radio. Adventures in DC was our group name…… I managed to get a screenshot of the amount of listeners we had during our air time. It was shocking to see how the tweets our group posted worked in our favor. I know there was a contest for which group could get the most listeners, but I had no idea that our group could attract so many people to listen. I enjoyed getting feed back from our fellow classmates through their tweets and it was nice to see everyones encouragement. Here’s a screenshot of our listeners….


This week we have worked with our groups in order to come up with ideas for our Radio Show being aired soon. The group that I have been assigned with has decided to come together and have some fun talking about the various things that DC (our Nation’s Capitol) has in store for us. For starters, I have created my own Poster to promote our radio show.


I chose to do this because the picture makes it obvious that it’s about DC, but the yellow draws the attention into DS106 Radio!!! Our group originally wanted to discuss the various things that there are to do around DC, but instead we’ve decided to talk about the hassles of DC and the secrets behind it’s beauty. We have 5 people in our group, therefore each person is responsible for some information about DC and it’s hassles. My contribution to the group and our Radio Show will be to discuss the hassles of Traffic that occur in DC on an everyday basis. Originally living in Arlington, right near DC … I myself have witnessed and experienced the hassles of going into and getting out of DC everyday. There is unbelievable amounts of traffic during traffic hour, but you’d be surprised to hear that even outside of traffic hours there are major issues. We plan on making this a bit comical, but still getting people to feel our pain when it comes to traffic and other DC hassles.

TRAFFIC: I plan on talking greatly about how bad the traffic is in DC and how people don’t realize that it actually is a problem. The metro is used by many people in order to avoid traffic, but you’d be surprised to hear that the metro even has it’s OWN traffic issues sometimes. In my 5 minutes, I want to throw in some of my own experiences…. as well as tie in some sort of “traffic report”. I want to make the people that aren’t normally around DC/have never been in DC to understand that sometimes it’s not that great living in or near a city….. with such great importance. There will be other things that I will discuss, but that portion will tie in with the rest of the group… we still need to figure out the finishing details on making all of our stories/reports come together.


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