Daily Creates WEEK 10

This week I did two daily creates …..

Something small looks big:  The first daily create I decided to do was to make something small look really big …. I decided to take a small beach volleyball that was laying in my room and put it up against a blank white wall in order for it to look big. This was a simple daily create and it was easy to make something look bigger… especially because it’s in a picture.

Beach Volleyball

I feel old: The second daily create that I decided to do was the one asking for an object that represents how old I feel….. This weekend I voted for the first in my life … I did an absentee ballot because I am registered in my home-town and not at school. When I was standing in line this weekend… I felt SOOOOO old. The picture that I took was of my voting permit & it represents how much your life changes when you turn 18 and are able to vote. I feel so adult like and powerful now.

VOTING: feeling old

Daily Creates WEEK 9!

For this weeks daily creates…. I decided to simply put 3 pictures together and create a story behind them….

The first picture is of rocks…. The story is …. Rocks are everywhere, but they are also a huge source for many things in the world ……


Rocks can be made into things such as earrings, that ultimately can become someone else’s prized possession…..Like mine, where I received my earrings from my grandfather and I wear them every single day…


This pyramid is the pyramid for excellence… When people think of rocks they would never think they’d be an excellent source for earrings or jewelry, but as they are created … they move up the pyramid and are ultimately one of the most POWERFUL aspects of sales.



I liked the daily creates this week, but it was difficult to put them all in a story line up… I hope I made this work correctly!

A two-fer: Daily Creates

The last two weeks have been thrown together….. We have been asked to complete 6 daily creates during this time span. I basically spread all of my daily creates out, but I tried to get a variety as well.

1. Non-dominate face drawing: The first daily create we were asked to draw a face with our non-dominant hand…. I don’t want to talk about how ugly my drawing is, but I really tried…… & fun fact as well. I am dominantly left handed & while trying to draw this with my right hand I felt like a complete idiot. I can’t even hold the pen correctly, definitely a challenge.

Non-Dominat Hand

2. First morning act: This daily create asked us to take a picture of the first thing that we do in the morning. The first thing I do is turn off my alarm. I have an iPhone and I have an alarm set for it that tells me to “GET UP!!!” I am one of those people that has to get up as soon as the alarm goes off, otherwise I won’t get up or it won’t be a good day. I never press snooze… I simply slide to turn off that alarm, especially because my roommate would kill me if I kept pressing snooze.

Get up!

3. WALLS: The next daily create we were asked to do was to take a photograph of a wall or fence. I decided to use the panoramic camera on my iPhone and get a decent picture of the wall on my side of our room. In the picture you see the wall where my desk is along with the wall where my bed is. In one picture you see two walls that happen to be mine. I also thought it was funny that my best friend was in the picture on my bed as well.


4. Family means a lot: The next daily create that I decided to do asked us to take a photograph of something or someone that means a lot to us. I decided to post a picture of me and my entire family. The three people in this picture (my mom, dad, and sister) all mean the world to me. I don’t know where I’d be in life without them. The story behind this picture is that they came to one of my soccer games this season and this was taken right before they left.


5. He is 1, 0, 6: For the next daily create, we were asked to draw a picture only using the numbers 1, 0, and 6. I decided to draw a stick figured guy using all of those numbers. His head is the 0 and I used the combination of 1,0, and 6 for the rest of his face and body. I couldn’t think of must else, but I thought this was an interesting daily create so I thought I’d give it a chance.

He is 106

6. Soup: The last daily create I did for this week asked to take a photograph of soup. I decided to do this because I actually enjoy eating soup a lot…. I’m picky with my soups, but I have a few favorites. I took a picture of the Chicken Noodle Soup that I make as a small dinner/snack sometimes. We’ve got plenty of them in our room.

Yummy soup

Daily Creates Week 6

This week we were asked to do four new daily creates along with our design assignments.

Vegetarian Day: The first daily create that I chose to do was on Vegetarian Day where we were asked to celebrate this as a “holiday”. I decided to take a picture of the salad bar in our dining hall because there were many different veggies that showed the celebration of National Vegetarian Day. I am not very far from a vegetarian, but I can easily enjoy a salad every once in a while… AND I have a lot of respect for people that can actually live their life and stick to their vegetarian beliefs.

Vegetarian Day

Font Name: The second daily create that I decided to do for this week was the one that asked us to create a personal font and write our name in it.  I decided I’d incorporate some color into my font as well. I always thought that blocked letters would look cool, because my name sticks out so much more. Therefore I just made some spaced, blocked, colors letters.


Floor plan: For my third daily create I chose to do a floor plan of the house that I grew up in. I chose to do this because I knew it would be easy to remember the house that I grew up in/still live in. I love my house, I think it’s a very cozy place with the perfect amount of space. I tried to include everything in my house by being as general as possible…. since it is a plan! I think that this shows my house as well as possible…. it’s not very big either which helps  to fit everything in.

Floor plan

Absence: The last daily create that I decided to do for this week was the one representing nothing, an absence or void. I received a text about this daily while I was at brunch sunday at UMW’s dining hall, seaco! I realized how lazy I was to get back up and get another plate of food…. then the idea of the absence I would have in life when there was no food left, or every time I run out of food popped into my head. I know I always feel a void when I see NOTHING on my plate and my stomach isn’t yet satisfied.


I liked all of these daily creates this week, they each caused me to think and put in time and effort in order for them to be clear.

Daily Creates!!!

This week I did three various daily creates…. trying to be as creative as possible.

Abstract Animal: This daily create asked for an abstract drawing of my favorite animal. I chose to do an abstract drawing of a dolphin. Dolphin’s have been my favorite animals since I can remember. I think they are really beautiful creatures and I’m a Pisces, so I’ve always had a thing for water and the ocean. I also did the drawing in blue because then you’d get a better idea of the dolphin being inside the water. I hope to one day get a chance to swim with the dolphins, I think that would be an amazing adventure.

Fav animal: Dolphin

Interruption: For the next daily create I decided to do was my first …. AUDIO daily create. This daily create asked for a recording of a sound being interrupted by another non-related sound. I usually find myself doing the drawings or photographs, but this time I decided to branch out a little. Besides, it’s not usually hard to have something be interrupted. I couldn’t really think of anything that could easily be interrupted, so I asked my roommates for some help. I actually just went onto soundcloud and began to record my roommates and myself having a regular conversation, then one of my roommates had a very obnoxious song come on and clearly interrupt the conversation. The whole process only took two tries…. the first time we failed because we all began to laugh because it actually sounded funny. Having a really loud song interrupt a conversation is definitely an example of an unrelated sound interruption. I thought it turned out pretty well for my first Audio Daily Create.

Yellow: The last daily create that I did for this week was the one that stated there was NEVER too much yellow. I am actually a very big fan of yellow objects, but the one that I thought would be simple to draw was a SUN. Everyone knows that the Sun is the source to  life and I’m the type of person to say you can NEVER have too much sun. Yes, I do think it can get really hot … but I love daytime and being out and being active. I enjoy having the sun, not necessarily very hot… This time of year/ early spring are probably my favorite times. I do agree with the famous artist that exclaimed there was never too much yellow, it’s a beautiful color. So bright & so lively!

Yellow: Sun

LAST NOTE: This week we were asked to think of a daily create and let the professors check it out. I can’t really remember how I worded mine, but I believe my idea was to take a Photograph of the first thing you remember from your dream when you wake up. I sat there and thought about this one for a while…. I am not sure how I would approach it, since there are many mornings that I wake up and don’t really remember my dreams. I would think that someone could easily take a photograph of a time (like a clock) that they remember seeing in the dream, or even a person that they remember. This particular idea is very flexible and can be easily manipulated by interpretation.



My first daily create was suppose to show the wide open space, the great outdoors.
The picture I posted is a picture that I took this past summer while on vacation in Wisconsin. I love this picture just because it looks so peaceful.
The beautiful outdoors:

The beautiful outdoors

The second Daily Create that I did was suppose to show a spinning object.
I chose to spin a baseball that my friend let me borrow on my kitchen counter. I think it looks pretty cool.
Spinning Baseball:

Spinning Baseball

The third Daily Create that I chose to do is of wearing something on your head as a hat that has no business being there. I chose to have my friend Lauren @laurstay20 wear a baseball Glove on her head…. make it look like a hat :) It just also happened to be the only thing laying around at our friend’s apartment.
GLOVE hat #orioles:


We were also asked to do some research on Creative Commons and write about our findings, here’s the link to my Creative Commons post:


MY FIRST DIGITAL STORY: I decided to do a GIF of one of my favorite shows … How I met your mother. I think it’s really hilarious and I just thought it would look really cool having one of my favorite characters (Barney) saying his favorite word through-out the show …”LEGEN-DARY” … If you watch the show you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Making a GIF was a lot easier than I thought, but it certainly took some effort and learning. I think the video that Alan posted about how to make it work on wordpress helped me a lot. I worked on this with my friend Lauren because we were both struggling on getting it started, but we both found that we were just over-thinking it. Nonetheless I think it turned out GREAT ; Enjoy!!!

My first GIF ; How I met your mother!

Customizing my blog: Wellllllllllllllll I’m going to be completely honest and say that I want to continue to work on customizing my blog. I haven’t had a great deal of time to fiddle around with every little thing and I’m also one of those people who has a hard time picking a background or a header picture and sticking to it. Right now I just kept my background as my favorite color (tealish blue…haha i made that name up) and I decided to put my header as a picture of me looking into the lakes while in Wisconsin this past summer. I think this reflects me pretty well for the time being, obviously I have intentions of changing it… EVENTUALLY. I haven’t figured out what I want to do with this space, but shortly I will figure stuff out!

Week 2: I think personally week two went pretty well…..It was just as high paced as the rest of my classes this semester, but I liked the tasks we were asked to do. I like taking #ds106 , it helps me bring out some of my creative side (not saying that I have a huge creative side or anything). I don’t think I need help with anything right now, but I do need to start making a bit more time to get everything done correctly. I always seem to worry if my work is going to turn out the way I want it to….. I aim to please :) BUTTTTT I’m currently satisfied and happy with the work I’m doing … So WEEK 3… Let’s GO!


p.s I might also get bored and start doing some more GIF’s …. now that I know how haha! They’re awesomeeee


Reflection: We were asked to watch some videos on the way our sites are suppose to work, pretty interesting.. Helped me get a gist of what I wanna do and how to get it all done. I never saw myself as an “artist”, but if this is creating ART then I am all in.

Daily Create: This week we had a Daily Create on our KEYCHAIN, mine isn’t very interesting, but it’s a short and easy watch. I like the concept of Daily Creates… it gives us a chance to get creative without doing A LOT OF WORK.

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Reflection on DS first week: The first week of DS “bootcamp” wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was only difficult because we had so many things to do and I had trouble finding time to get everything done. I learned how to embed things and I must say it’s pretty useful. I’ve never really had a chance to learn before, but the tutorial post on embedding really helped as well. I’m excited to get my site fully rolling and looking good. I can’t wait to get a chance to customize it and make it fit ME. I’m sure it’ll be even more interesting once we have more assignments posted on here. As of right now I’m not dreading anything, I’m just hoping I get everything completed on time and don’t have a lot of trouble…. I’m sure most of the hard stuff is already out of the way. I don’t have any real questions at this time other than.. Are we only using this site for class and assignments or can we personally use it as well?