Mashup Movie Trailer

During this weeks Remix segment, we were asked to complete 7 stars worth of Mashup Assignments. The first assignment that I decided to do for this segment was to create a Movie Trailer Mashup. This assignment asked to take a movie trailer and have the audio be completely opposite of what the movie actually represents. For this assignment I decided to take the movie trailer of one of my favorite movies “Bridesmaids” and make the audio of the trailer sound as if it’s a scary, when in reality it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve seen. The audio trailer that I used was of the movie “The Apparition“. The reason I used this movie was because I thought that the audio course of events sounded like it would go really well with that of the Bridesmaid trailer. I downloaded both movie trailers onto my computer using then I uploaded Bridesmaid’s into my iMovie, but took the Apparition trailer and uploaded it into audacity in order to get the audio. I then combined both the trailer (muted) and the audio in order to produce a scary version of the Bridesmaid trailer and make my own Remix. This assignment was very interesting to do simply because I have already seen the bridesmaid and I know that it’s not a scary movie….. when I added the scary sound to the trailer it made it a lot more interesting. I felt like I was getting ready to watch an entirely different movie. I was also surprised to see how well this specific audio fit into the movie trailer, I didn’t expect them to go so well hand in hand. This Mashup Assignment was worth 4 stars. I can officially say  that I’ve made my own remix!!! It’s awesome to see how easy it can be to combine different forms of media in order to produce a new product that no one else has ever done.

Bridesmaids Trailer Remix:  


2 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5
Total= 4/7 Stars!

Watching a movie with the Stereo on…

The next Video Assignment that I decided to do was the “watching a movie with the stereo on” assignment in which you take a movie clip and replace the sound with a song by choice.

I chose this assignment because I realized that this scenario actually occurs a lot in my life. Being a college student and watching a movie in your room with three other roommates can really be difficult when one or more of them isn’t watching the movie and choses to play music in their room instead. I then realized that there are a lot of times where the song they are playing kind of correlate with the movie I may be watching… So, for this assignment I decided to use a scene from the movie “Up” because I recently watched it and it’s one of my favorite movies. As I was thinking about this assignment this particular movie quickly came to mind. I simply downloaded the movie scene onto my computer then   imported it into my iMovie and began to think of a song that I thought could fit the movie well. After a little while of thinking I came up with the song “Just to see you smile” by Tim McGraw, which is also one of my favorite country songs. I figured out that the scene and the song correlate well together because in the beginning of the song and the movie it represents happy times and as they both progress things begin to fall apart. I didn’t realize how well these two worked together until I listened to the song over the clip in my iMovie and realized that the song basically represents this scene completely. The song fits the events in this particular clip just as if it was made for this movie. Since I already found a scene that did a lot of the work… I simply shortened it and cut out a portion of it, but I didn’t really change the scene completely, there was no need for this particular assignment. I found that this is a story because the music tells the life and love of Carl and Ellie in the movie through the scene choice…. The movie scene shows a huge portion of the movie “Up” and by adding the song you get a glimpse of what the movie is about as well, except without the actual words from the movie involved. I asked one of my friends that I know also loves this movie to check out my work and she thought it was PERFECT. She said the song basically represented the relationship of Carl and Ellie to a T. I felt really proud of my work after she said that… I hope others that have seen the movie feel the same way too. Here’s the video:

2 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5
Total= 11/16 Stars!


The second Audio Assignment that I decided to complete for this week was the Mainstream Chimpunkd’ assignment.  I decided to do this assignment mainly because I think chipmunks sound HILARIOUS!!! The main object was to turn a mainstream song/artist into a chimpunkd’ song.

I decided to go about this by once again using Audacity. I simply imported the song “Red” by Taylor Swift … The main reason I did this song is because it is popular on the charts now and in my head I pictured her voice sounding hilarious as a chipmunk. After importing the song I decided to mess around with the pitch…. therefore changing Taylor Swift’s voice throughout the song. I got to the pitch by highlighting the entire song, then simply clicking Effects on the menu bar and scrolling down to “change pitch”. After I clicked on change pitch I just began messing around with where I wanted the pitch to be… I began all the way on the right and listened to that, until I finally found my ideal Chipmunkd’ voice. After all of that I exported my file onto my desktop… labeling it “Red Chipmunkd'” and than once again, I uploaded it to my Soundcloud.

I found this assignment extremely fun because for once …. I got to dictate how a song sounded. I thought there were various ways for changing the pitch in which the song still sounded really good…. I personally think having this particular mainstream song Chipmunkd’ just makes it so much funnier. Here’s my chipmunkd’ art piece.

2 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5
Total=5/10 Stars! 


During our DESIGN WEEK, we were asked to create a Design Safari… which is a series of at least 4 photos that represent one of the components of “DESIGN”.

Design is a very huge portion of everyday life, but I feel like the only time that we really notice it is when it is an important item being designed. Good design is easy to point out, but I feel like bad design can easily go ignored. People aren’t as easy to judge something as a “bad design” simply because there are so many people in the world that are creative in different ways…. I don’t believe people really target someone on a “bad” design, just because OPINION is a huge part of design as well. In my design safari I thought I would target different aspects and attempt to view how design can be viewed in our everyday life.

The first competent that I found I could represent was “Typography” which ultimately means “the visual component of the written word”. I work at the Fitness Center at UMW and I happened to be reading this assignment while at work one day. I looked around at the various posters that were displayed and found that this poster simply saying “Healthy Steps” would be perfect for this component. The visual aspect of this poster would be looking at the “footsteps” … BUT the font within the footsteps also represents a similar message. There are feet for a reason… with two you can symbolize the idea of “steps” therefore having the words Healthy Steps would allow the observer to make a connection. The poster in itself is eye catching and the overall message of taking steps in a “healthy” manner is easily expressed. The font is very FUN and does a great job filling in the appropriate portion of the poster/footsteps. The font is also very bold, but not bold enough to take away from the feet and their purpose in catching one’s eye. The color contrast and the spacing of the feet add into the idea of the poster and how realistic it may seem. It honestly is a poster that most people have no issue looking at because it is SO simple and the message is quick and fun. I think it represents typography because the VISUAL aspect allows for the message to be seen in a positive manner… & the font/writing helps the observer convoy the message correctly.


The next component that I decided I would target was the “Minimalism/Use of Space” idea, in which a designer does MORE with LESS. I thought initially that this would be a difficult component to find, then I looked at the first example of the folders representing Me, You, Us… and realized I knew the perfect POSTER picture that I could use. The UMW athletic department has recently come up with a new way to bring our teams together… It is called the “DRIVE FOR 25″…. & with being an athlete I have seen this/heard this idea A LOT. Around our campus and mainly our athletic buildings there is a poster (not very big) that displays this message very clearly. It has all 25 varsity team pics placed all around the poster with the big words of “DRIVE FOR 25″ placed directly in the middle to explain our “athletic goal”. I thought this was the perfect idea of Minimalism because the “designer” of this poster simply took ALL of the teams and instead of making multiple posters, maybe one for every team… They were able to put all of these teams, and the goals of these teams onto ONE poster … without really doing A LOT to the poster, or making it seem like “TOO MUCH”. The designer was able to use their space in a VERY smart manner and fit their message in PERFECTLY.


While at work again, I found another component representing “design” that I could knock out of the way …. The idea of “Balance” which comes in two forms; symmetrical and asymmetrical and represents “an equilibrium that results from looking at images and judging them against our ideas of physical structure”. At the fitness center we have a stand that holds all of the “balls” that students/faculties members are allowed to use for free play or exercise. One of the most used set of balls is the basketballs. I found that the way the basketballs are placed and the shape of each ball, easily made a balance… something that could be represented in design. The idea of balance is so important to design because although it can be both symmetrical and asymmetrical…. anyone would be expected to know the difference. The design of this shelf was symmetrical, therefore we viewed the balls on it as symmetrical as well. The difference being…… if the shelf bad been created differently or by someone else who didn’t want them placed exactly like that, then our view of the balls ON the shelf could be altered as well. This “balance” allows for us, as humans to understand that design can be balanced out in various ways. Design can easily be viewed depending on our interpretation with balance involved. This is my symmetrical representation of balance.


The last component of the Design Safari that I decided to do was the “Dominance” component… in which there is a photograph that causes your eyes to focus on one key element. The photograph is dominated by that single element while containing the outside space around the lit up pumpkin. Another reason I thought I would do this picture is because it is the month of Halloween and the design of the pumpkin is greatly emphasized. We have a lit up pumpkin in my room and it has been there for about a week now… I never considered it as a concept of “design” until I read the meaning of “dominance” and actually had an opportunity to connect it. The whole idea of design can be expressed through multiple things… having a design that easily “dominates” a certain space causes it to be that much more effective and eye-catching. The entire idea being dominance can actually be seen on an everyday basis, I know I often find myself looking targeting one component while looking at a general picture.


I found this Safari to be very fun and entertaining. I didn’t realize that so many forms of design could be found in and around my everyday life. Design is such a general term, but since getting a chance at understanding these forms and inner details to design it has allowed me to learn a bit more at how these key components cross one’s mind while creating an important “design”. Generally speaking …. one might not think to consider these components through life, but design can really be found anywhere and any time.


The second Visual Assignment for this week that I chose to do was, “Find Yourself“.

My name Enisa

I chose to this one by clicking on the “try random one” button. I knew that it would be very difficult to find my name anywhere since it is soooooo uncommon. While working on a group project for one of my other classes, my friends suggested making letters with my name and they’d hold it up for me. I have always had issues finding anything that resembles my name and I am usually asked where my name is from and the meaning. Whenever I have wanted to find a bracelet with my name on it …. it has NEVER happened. The meaning of my name “Enisa” (from what I’ve heard and looked up) is “friendly” … So the idea of having my friends hold up my name connects everything pretty well.

I didn’t really need many tools in order to do this one, but if you have an uncommon name like me … and still want to do it… Finding letters everywhere is also a good way of approaching it. I just let my mind wander and thought about how when I was younger I always hated not having my name anywhere or in common with anyone else…. I guess until I accepted the fact that it was Unique and learned to appreciate it.



Today on my way home from practice I figured I would see what I could cature in 20 minutes of Photoblitzing… I took the list of items given to us as an assignment this week and I tried to do as many as I could by including all of my surroundings. I took one photo before leaving the field and the rest I took once we parked the car on the way to my dorm. I chose this scene because the sun was going down and the scenery was wonderful, felt like I had a lot to work with. Also, I knew I could do the stuff with human’s involved since two of my teammates happened to be walking with me and offered to help!! THEN, I picked out my 5 favorite and best photos to share —

My start time: I started at 6:50 pm after leaving practice. Notice the 76% of battery remaining.


Openness: I decided that an empty soccer field represents my idea of “openness” because it’s empty and there are so many images that occur in one’s mind when looking at an open field (especially if you have experience with the sport). I also clicked the enhance button on my iPhone, so it looks a bit brighter then it actually was.. especially the grass.


Human Emotion: During our soccer practice one of my teammates stepped incorrectly on the ankle that she already has problems with. In the car on the ride back she was crying, I decided to capture one of her tears and use it for my human emotion. The idea kind of made her giggle and stop crying :).

Human Emotion

Unusual Angle: Once we parked the car and began to look around for my next photo, we noticed these stairs. They go up and in a very weird way… I decided it would be perfect for my unusual angle.

Unusual Angle

Dominant Color: At the top of the stairs there were trees and leaves of various beginning of Fall colors. I thought taking a picture of one close up would look cool….THEN it turned into a photo I thought was dominated by a single color.


Someone’s Hand: Since there were three of us walking back to our dorms, I thought it would be cute to not only take a picture of ONE hand… but have both of my friends hold hands, in a cute “friendship” manner. With some pretty, blurred out (natural blur) scenery through the hands. I also thought there nails looked really cool!

Holding Hands

Ending Time: I ended with 2 minutes to spare, but I remembered to take my ending picture at exactly 20 minutes… So here it is.. & again…notice how the battery life is now at 68%



I had a lot of fun with this assignment. It caused me to think a lot and try to see a more detailed picture of various objects and my surroundings. The experience was really fun and I’m glad I got to enjoy it with my teammates. Initially I thought 20 minutes was going to make this so difficult, but once I stopped over thinking my photos … they came pretty naturally. Yay #ds106.