The last Audio Assignment that I decided to complete for this week was the assignment asking for Multi personalities. I initially didn’t plan on doing this assignment, but after hearing a lot of other people works I changed my mind and decided that I would try to do it as well. The idea that I used was simple….. I had a mom ask her 4 children how their day at school was. Each child responded as they wished….. there was a variety of personalities and they were all things that I know I would find myself saying if my mom asked me how my day of school was. For this assignment I used my own voice a fair amount… trying to sound like a boy or even the bratty daughter, but I also changed some of the pitch using the effects of Audacity. I thought this was a fun assignment and I didn’t realize it would be this fun in the beginning. I tried to tell a story, but having multi-personalities in a story isn’t as easy as having four people speaking as a story. After I finished my recordings … I listened to it a few times, laughed at myself, then uploaded it onto my SoundCloud. ENJOYY!


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Total= 11/10 Stars!

Radiooooo Show!


Adventures in DC:
I think this might have been one of the most difficult group projects that I have ever done. Not because the work itself was hard, but the process of getting everyone together and getting all of our stuff on the same file and editing and things like that is what made it so difficult. I think under our circumstances and few issues we were able to do a good job and our show turned out the way we all wanted it to. Our show was based off of living in DC…… not the good parts of it, but the hassle of an everyday life in DC as an adult. Our group only had three members…(myself, Ashley Stegemiller, and Amelia Lord) we worked really well together and tried our hardest to have our show be as long as possible. We had a huge variety of speaking, music, and bumpers/commercials to get us at nearly 20 minutes.

My specific role in the group was be the person in the car on the way to work…. expressing the struggle of being in traffic, then complaining about parking, and lastly ending the show upset that I just got a ticket. During one of our meetings as a group we picked who would have which role in our show…. after all that was decided we made an outline of who needed to do what and the order in which it would play. Each of us took that outline and made what we could of it before having our next meeting. We all used Audacity for our show and I got really familiar with the program. I did various things…. I found songs (that I cropped) into the show, while also using my voice to create commercials and talk about each topic. During a part in the show I included the radio bumper that I made earlier this semester and tried to have variety of stuff in our show to keep it from getting boring. I thought we all contributed to the show equally and that everyone worked hard to get their individual tasks done in order for our show to run smoothly. We all worked off of each other and I think our show will certainly show off all of our hard work. I thought the assignment was difficult, but I’m glad we were all able to come together and produce the best radio show that we could.

Comment Challenge…

At the beginning of last week, another DS106 student issued a challenge for fellow classmates to comment on at least 7 blogs throughout the next two weeks. Below I have embedded the blog by @doodle_muse that began the challenge.

One of the comments that I received from my Professor recently was that I am lacking in my participation with other ds106 bloggers….. I thought I’d accept this challenge and look around and read up on all the various blogs throughout the DS106 atmosphere. I commented on a few blogs for people I am friends with, but I also made sure to visit the Google Reader and comment on some random blogs too.

1. The first blog I commented on happened to be on an Audio Assignment that I found very creative. I thought Ashley did a great job of making her work short and to the point, while doing exactly what the assignment asked and keeping it interesting. I commented on it simply because I thought she needed to know that I thought it was really creative & turned out great.

2. The second blog I decided to comment on was one of Grace’s daily create posts. I thought she did a marvelous job on her daily creates and I just wanted to let her know that I got a chance to look at them…. The entire post was eye-catching and the daily creates all had some sort of a story behind them.

3. The third  blog that I commented on was Melanie’s blog… that was titled “It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job…” I commented on this blog because I love that movie and after seeing the post on Google Reader I decided to comment.

4.  I also decided to comment on Brittany’s daily creates as well. She kept them very simple and straight to the point.

5. I decided to switch it up and comment on a guy’s post this time… I ran across Matt’s post of him morphing his voice and I thought it was hilarious. He’s a true character, especially after singing the song he chose.

6. I picked another male blog to post a comment on …. I commented on Nathan’s post of his daily creates, I thought they all looked really great.

7. The last post I decided to comment on was on my friend Emma’s blog. She did one of the same audio assignments as me and I thought she did a good job of letting her creativity shine through.


The second Audio Assignment that I decided to complete for this week was the Mainstream Chimpunkd’ assignment.  I decided to do this assignment mainly because I think chipmunks sound HILARIOUS!!! The main object was to turn a mainstream song/artist into a chimpunkd’ song.

I decided to go about this by once again using Audacity. I simply imported the song “Red” by Taylor Swift … The main reason I did this song is because it is popular on the charts now and in my head I pictured her voice sounding hilarious as a chipmunk. After importing the song I decided to mess around with the pitch…. therefore changing Taylor Swift’s voice throughout the song. I got to the pitch by highlighting the entire song, then simply clicking Effects on the menu bar and scrolling down to “change pitch”. After I clicked on change pitch I just began messing around with where I wanted the pitch to be… I began all the way on the right and listened to that, until I finally found my ideal Chipmunkd’ voice. After all of that I exported my file onto my desktop… labeling it “Red Chipmunkd'” and than once again, I uploaded it to my Soundcloud.

I found this assignment extremely fun because for once …. I got to dictate how a song sounded. I thought there were various ways for changing the pitch in which the song still sounded really good…. I personally think having this particular mainstream song Chipmunkd’ just makes it so much funnier. Here’s my chipmunkd’ art piece.

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Total=5/10 Stars! 

My brand new RINGTONE

In the course of these past two weeks, we have been asked to complete at least 10 stars worth of Audio Assignments. The first assignment that I thought I would do, asked for us to create our own RINGTONE. I really wanted to do this assignment because I love my phone, but I never really deviate away from the standard ringtones … I think it takes too much time to download some and all of that stuff. I figured if I created my own ringtone, then maybe I would like it so much that I could use it on my phone….. getting tired of the typical “Xylophone” ringtone on my iPhone.

The process for making my own ringtone wasn’t that hard considering I already had Audacity downloaded on my computer from a previous assignment. Since I have already become familiarized with the how Audacity works, I simply imported a song that I had already downloaded onto my iTunes…. the song I chose was “Don’t wake me up” by Chris Brown. Once the song was imported it was easy for me to cut out the parts that I didn’t really want. I think I listened to the song about 10 times before finally deciding on the perfect part for my ringtone. When I finally did find my favorite part of the song I simply made sure it was under 40 seconds …. and that it sounded like a ringtone, at least one that I could hear and want to answer. After that was complete…. I exported the song onto my desktop, labeling it as “Don’t wake me up Ringtone” and then logged onto my Soundcloud and uploaded it there. The good news is that I actually liked my ringtone and have started using it as my OWN ringtone as of today!!! I didn’t realize how simple it would be to make my own ringtone, I’m sure now that I know it’s simplicity I will be making more and more ringtones as better songs that catch my eye come out.

This is how my ringtone turned out, I even enabled it for download incase someone wanted to use it as well. Enjoy!!

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Total= 2/10 Stars!


During this week we were asked to do lots of audio related assignments…. One of them was to create a Sound Effect Story. We were asked to download Audacity in order to work and mess around with the sounds that I was getting off of the free sound website. After downloading the sounds I wanted from this website, I imported them into Audacity and then used Alan’s video on how to overlap the sounds as a resource to figure it all out. I had a really hard time trying to find all the sounds I wanted for my story, I didn’t really get everything I wanted, but I certainly tried. It was all a bit frustrating considering I hate working with sound… pictures I can do, but audio has always been an issue. Nonetheless, after I finished my story I uploaded it onto my SoundCloud and this is what I got :


The actually story behind this audio is ….. Grabbing a bite to eat as you get into your car and turn it on. You then drive to your destination, which in this case happens to be your childs soccer game. You hear the kids yelling on the field and having a very fun and loving time (reminds me of when I used to play as a little girl, the atmosphere was always so fun). There is cheering and the whistle blows for the end of the game.

I initially wanted to have different sounds, like maybe sounds of kids being excited and loud in the car on the way to the game… but finding sounds like that isn’t as easy as I thought. Also, editing the sounds to fit perfectly together was a bit of a challenge… but I tried my best, after all it is my first time!

Listening to Lucy & The Bike Girl

This week we were asked to listen to a story and focus on the how effective the audio was. We were given a few references in order to better our understanding on audio storytelling. I thought the clip that cogdog put up from the Radiolab’s Detective Stories was pretty helpful. Another references that I really liked was the Transom website because it had so many different tools and links to look at and play with.

I chose to listen to the story of Lucy and The Bike Girl by Hillary Frank. This story explains the life of Lucy who has cystic fibrosis and her life with her best friend that she never gets a chance to meet in real life. The producer uses a simple sound technique while telling this story, including sound only when necessary. For example, in the beginning Hillary describes the “Bike girl” and as she begins to do so she includes the sound of bells from her bike. Throughout the story there are also songs that play to set the mood for what Hillary is narrating at the time. The technique used to tell the story I believe was very interesting because not only did I feel like I was listening to the story, but I also felt like I could easily picture the course of events. Hillary does a fantastic job of throwing in Lucy’s own voice when emotions that couldn’t necessarily be narrated were involved.  The great thing about this story was that there was a time for sound effects to be used, but there was also a perfect time to play music…even while there was narration happening. The layering of the sounds and narrating in the beginning really drew me as a listener into the story. It makes you wonder a little what the story is really going to be about.

This particular story involved a lot of feelings and emotions for the listener. I think that Hillary did a fantastic job of allowing her narrating to cause the listener to feel some of the actual emotions that Lucy felt. The tone of the voice changed a lot during the narrating and it was simply to show when it was a serious and emotion filled scene. I think the sounds and music used for this particular story were very appropriate in order for the listener to stay engaged. I think the choice of summing up Lucy’s life with cystic fibrosis and the sounds with her coughing in the beginning really draw you into the plot of the entire story and I really think that was a good place to start.

Before listening to and looking at some of the references I would’ve never really tied in how important tone and layering of sounds was in a story. Usually when there is a story being told and music playing in the background, your focus never draws away from the voice. When you are asked to pay attention to the entire story …. including sounds and things like that, then you really get an understanding for what the producer was attempting to do by placing music in the background.

DS106 Radiooooo

Listening to DS106 Radio this week has been pretty interestinggggggg. I began to listen to the AutoDJ and let it run for a little while hoping that someone would do a live feed. After a few minutes of waiting with no livefeed, I decided I’d tweet at ds106radio and ask for a livefeed….I GOT LUCKY. Also during this time there was at least 3 listeners according to the website. The entire experience was awesome… I liked knowing that broadcasting on the radio could happen so instantly and even through an iPhone. The broadcast was fairly simple and very short, but it was fun to see how easy it was to broadcast. Also, the idea of having an AutoDJ that not only plays music on the radio, but tweets each song is absolutely AWESOME! There is a huge variety of music that the AutoDJ plays, and I even let it play while I did my other homework too. I got to hear the ending live broadcast on Thursday night, but can’t really figure what the live feed was about. I enjoyed knowing that this class can run off of radio and that various people are involved in it’s success. YAY DS!

These are the tweets associated with the live broadcast that I watched:

I also caught the last bit of another live session, pretty interesting too:

Listen to the RADIO

For this week we were asked to watch videos that help us understand how storytelling works via Radio. Each video aimed at different methods to learn in order to have success with your radio and vocal storytelling. In the beginning one must understand that you work will not be PERFECT and that through time and experience your, creativity and comfort of verbal storytelling will improve. The first part of the IRA Glass on Storytelling discusses how to tell a story using an anecdote… he explains it very carefully and stresses that this will help in keeping the audience entertained. The second video begins to discuss how to get deep and find a really great story. He talks a lot about making your work memorable and being patient because a great story takes time to develop. He uses some great examples and stresses the idea that no one wants to see or do mediocre stuff, time and patience is really key. The third part of the Glass videos discusses “good taste”. He connects the idea of “taste” and your actual “work”, explaining that your “taste” may be excellent, but your “work” won’t always reach the expectations of your “taste”. He explains that it takes time and ambition for people to get their storytelling up to par with their taste and that not everyone can succeed right away. The last Glass video discusses the need to talk like yourself…. Many people attempt to imitate the people they see on TV or hear on the Radio.  An important part of verbal/radio storytelling is having the ability to speak as yourself and be interested in other people. Talking about yourself and being too self absorbed will take away a lot of what your message may be. All 4 parts of these Glass videos provide us with a quick overview of the important things in terms of Radio storytelling. I enjoyed the examples that he used to make his advice relevant.

The other video that we were asked to watch was Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad video on How Radio Creates Empathy. In this video Jad Abumrad discusses how one of the coolest things about radio is the lack of picture and image that is directly given. The idea of simply describing something to someone else provides you with the job of coauthor ship because the person freely takes what you’ve said and interprets it in their own way. He stresses empathy because he states that you have to have some type of connection with the listener in order for them to feel and understand what you’re really saying. He expresses his belief in radio and the hope that it won’t ever die because it actually provides a connection between the person behind the radio and the person listening.

Both of these videos are very well crafted… The explanation of radio while providing hints of success and the understanding of it’s purpose helps build creativity. By understanding that radio isn’t made for just anyone you sit back and wonder if you’d be successful with enough ambition. I enjoyed learning a lot more about radio and the storytelling behind it, I guess their really is a connection.