This week our main focus is on the idea of “remix”. Remix can be defined as “combining and editing existing materials to create something new” according to the first video I watched by Kirby Ferguson.  Remixes can be found anywhere, at this day in age it may be safe to say that almost everything out there is a form of remix. The idea of remix is taking something that’s already been created and possibly adding your own “flavor” to it, or adding something that maybe the original was missing. Remixes can be seen in all forms of media and interpreted in various ways. The videos posted by Kirby Ferguson about “Everything is a Remix” actually make a great deal of sense. Remixes began with music and over time have made their way into all media sources and have created a whole new outlook on media. We were asked to view some of the examples of Remix in order to get a better understanding of what our work will consist of. This first example that I watched was the “Disney used to explain copyright” video in which disney movies explained what “copyright” meant. This video showed an example of remix because it took snippets of various disney movies and created a definition for copyright. The remix is shown through the idea of taking something that already exists (the different movies) and creating something knew by combining them. This person cut out words from the movies that would explain the meaning of copyright, then combined them all together. I thought this whole video was very creative, it showed a lot of different movies but ensured that disney knew they were not copyrighting their material. At the beginning of a video there is a statement announcing that none of the material is being stolen and that it is initially from “Walt Disney”. Another example of a remix that I watched was the video of “Star Wars, Call me Maybe“. This video took a song that is pretty popular and known in the world today and combined it with a movie that is popular as well. This person used the Star Wars movie in order to “sing” out the songs to Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepson. This was a very creative idea because not many people would think to combine these two specific forms of media and create a remix for both of them. The copyright portion was covered by the credits given to both the Star Wars movie and the Carly Rae Jepson song. I think both of these examples showed very interesting forms of remix. They represented the idea of combining different media forms very well, both videos were very entertaining and catchy. Can’t wait to get a swing at some of my own remixes!!!!

Final Project Proposal!

For my final project I have decided to focus on a character from my favorite TV show. The goal is to tell a story of the character “Peyton Sewyer” from One Tree Hill that sums up her life in the way that it is shown through the show. I decided to focus on Peyton because I’ve recently been watching the entire series and I realized that there are so many different ways that I could go about describing Peyton’s life. She is a character that is very important to this series, because not only is she involved in the overall plot and purpose of the show, but throughout the show she has her own internal problems and external problems that she ultimately overcomes. I chose her out of all the characters because I think that she represents a very strong, independent woman that deals with her issues head-on and never seizes to surprise you.

I decided to narrow down my story of Peyton’s like to her high school years and the many things you learn about her character and her problems during those years. I plan on using various media pieces to tell my story:

Audio: Peyton is very big on her music and making it a huge part of her life and the show, I plan on using audio by making a playlist of some of the songs that she plays in her “podcast” …. her “podcast” is a huge part of the character she is because she plays music on the internet for the public to hear. Throughout episodes depending on how she’s feeling, she plays songs to represent her emotions.

Visual/Design: Peyton is a very artistic and creative character, that is stuck in a stereotypic role while in high school, but in reality she is completely opposite of that. I plan on using visuals/design to create a collage of some of the drawings that she does herself and also making some that represent her emotions.

Video: Another major aspect to Peyton’s character is her webcast that she has throughout the show. During this webcast she allows for the public to watch her every move that occurs while in her room. This includes other characters coming in and out and also gives away a lot during the show. I plan on either making a video of a broadcast that imitates Peyton, or making a video of a webcam showing of my own life (I haven’t really narrowed it down yet).

Seeing as this is just a proposal some of this may change, or be altered a little …. It will all depend how much information I can get off of the internet that represents what I want to do for Peyton’s character.


Weeks 11&12 Summary!

This week we worked a lot with Video Assignments and learning to tell stories in various ways through Video. Here are a few assignments that I decided to do…

Video Assignment 1: The Silent Era; this particular assignment was worth 5 stars and I got to use a lot of different effects of video making in order to make it.

Video Assignment 2: The 5 movie Archetype; this assignment was worth 3 stars and I allowed me to learn the technique of cropping clips and placing them together to tell a story of an archetype.

Video Assignment 3: The Movie with the stereo on; for this assignment I mainly focused the process of how music and video go hand in hand a lot of the time. This assignment was also worth 3 stars for this week.

Video Assignment 4: The 5 second movie; this 3 star assignment allowed me to finally be a director and tell some type of story in 5 minutes…. I chose to crack a little joke in those 5 seconds.

Video Assignment 5: The Framed assignment; was an assignment that incorporated the picture aspect of a video and was worth 2 stars.

Reflection: These past two weeks I got to take a swing at working with Video and learning to tell stories through them as well. I attempted to do various assignments that allowed me to worth with different aspects of video, such as … music, picture, sound, and even directing. I learned to tell a story using so many different aspects of video and I finally began using my iMovie on my computer …. something I haven’t really gotten a chance to use since I’ve gotten my Mac. I also really enjoyed getting a chance to look at everyone else’s work and how other people were interpreting the assignments. It was nice that we got two weeks to do everything because I know I personally had some difficulty not only thinking of movies and scenes to use for some of the assignments, but also being patient enough to learn about iMovie and how to make everything work out the way I wanted. Telling stories through movie and personal interpretation was also a good learning experience for me …. simply because you don’t always focus on actual details of Video until you have to do assignments like this. It was a fun experience …. and although I dreaded doing some of the work because I thought it was so difficult at first … once I got a hang of what I wanted to do and how to use my sources it all turned out really well. I hope people enjoy my assignments and they make sense to them as well. I think the 5 second movie or the archetype are probably my favorite ones…. but I obviously like them all. I honestly believe these video assignments all showed a lot about how storytelling works and the various ways that stories can be told. I did 5 different videos this week and each assignment showed something new about how a story can be told and seen. It was also a very good way of putting together all of the work we’ve done this semester in terms of telling stories digitally. Video in itself is truthfully a great way to tell stories.

Lion King : Framed

For my last Video Assignment of this week I decided to do the “Framed” version of one of my favorite movies and scenes. The assignment asked for a 2 minute movie scene and a picture from the scene that represents the scene at best.

For this Framed assignment I decided to do the ending scene from the Lion King. I thought that this would be an awesome scene to represent because this is probably one of my favorite childhood movies and this scene is so significant. The movie represents a theme of Heroism and I think the framed picture that I took from this scene represents that as well. This movie is always really easy to use for a lot of assignments simply because I don’t know a single person who hasn’t seen it and wouldn’t understand the reference.

The clip that I chose from the movie was the ending scene where Simba is finally acknowledged as the King and able claim his dominance after the support of his family and friends. I decided on this scene because I knew that it would be easy to frame a picture that represents not only the scene but a huge aspect of the overall movie.

After finding my clip on youtube, I simply used to download it onto my computer… I watched the video numerous times, but decided on the picture I wanted and simply took a screenshot of it and uploaded it onto my flickr account.

Here’s the clip that I decided I would represent:


I took the shot of Simba being onto of the cliff howling in order to claim his dominance and acceptance of his new found role as King.

Lion King

2 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 5
Total= 16/16 Stars! 

5 Second movieeeeee

The next assignment that I decided to do for this week was to create a 5 second movie. This assignment asks for the creation of a movie that last 5 seconds …. it could represent anything really.

For this assignment I decided to create a movie with a small joke. I initially wanted my friends to act out something that was quick, funny, and easy to do …. of course having the friends that I have.. it turned out a lot funnier than I planned and far from what I actually wanted to do. I initially wanted the girl to come out of the room really upset and the guy to come out after her and yell at Trav (the one already standing in the scene) “Dude you slept with my girlfriend” then go ahead and tackle him to the ground. I tried convincing them to do that about 5 times and none of them could stay serious for as long as 5 seconds. After numerous attempts and lots of laughter and joking around … one of my friends simply came out saying “Did you know Sam’s a virgin” …. I thought it turned out a lot funnier than the other ones that we filmed and therefore I decided to keep it and use it for my 5 second movie. I think it made it a lot funnier considering it was so unplanned and my friend Connor (the speaker) came up with it on the spot. I simply recorded this happening on my iPhone and then imported it onto my computer. I then put it onto my iMovie, added a title to bring in the laughter and then uploaded it onto youtube … not bad at all. The video is actually 7 seconds, but it’s simply because of the title in the beginning. I got a really huge kick out of this assignment, I guess because funnier things happen when they go unplanned. I definitely had a set planned and I even yelled “action” when I wanted them to come out of the door…. It felt like I was actually creating a movie & I totally appreciated my friends agreeing to do it, even though they were being a tad annoying about getting it done.

I chose to do this assignment because I realized that we were working with Video Assignments for a reason….. I’ve done various assignments this week and I’ve gotten a chance to mess around with music, video editing, and now I finally got a chance to do some of my own filming as well. It was a lot more fun than I expected and I’m glad I can say I made my own movie …. even though it was for only 5 seconds and it wasn’t really my directing that I ended up picking. Regardless, STILL FUN!

2 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5
Total= 14/16 Stars! 

Watching a movie with the Stereo on…

The next Video Assignment that I decided to do was the “watching a movie with the stereo on” assignment in which you take a movie clip and replace the sound with a song by choice.

I chose this assignment because I realized that this scenario actually occurs a lot in my life. Being a college student and watching a movie in your room with three other roommates can really be difficult when one or more of them isn’t watching the movie and choses to play music in their room instead. I then realized that there are a lot of times where the song they are playing kind of correlate with the movie I may be watching… So, for this assignment I decided to use a scene from the movie “Up” because I recently watched it and it’s one of my favorite movies. As I was thinking about this assignment this particular movie quickly came to mind. I simply downloaded the movie scene onto my computer then   imported it into my iMovie and began to think of a song that I thought could fit the movie well. After a little while of thinking I came up with the song “Just to see you smile” by Tim McGraw, which is also one of my favorite country songs. I figured out that the scene and the song correlate well together because in the beginning of the song and the movie it represents happy times and as they both progress things begin to fall apart. I didn’t realize how well these two worked together until I listened to the song over the clip in my iMovie and realized that the song basically represents this scene completely. The song fits the events in this particular clip just as if it was made for this movie. Since I already found a scene that did a lot of the work… I simply shortened it and cut out a portion of it, but I didn’t really change the scene completely, there was no need for this particular assignment. I found that this is a story because the music tells the life and love of Carl and Ellie in the movie through the scene choice…. The movie scene shows a huge portion of the movie “Up” and by adding the song you get a glimpse of what the movie is about as well, except without the actual words from the movie involved. I asked one of my friends that I know also loves this movie to check out my work and she thought it was PERFECT. She said the song basically represented the relationship of Carl and Ellie to a T. I felt really proud of my work after she said that… I hope others that have seen the movie feel the same way too. Here’s the video:

2 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 52 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5
Total= 11/16 Stars!

One Archetype … 5 Movies! PARTYYYY

The next Video Assignment that I decided to complete for this week involved looking up 5 different movies that fit into one Archetype and lasts about 5 seconds. The archetype that I decided to do was “Party” …. I looked up 5 different movies that I knew had pretty intense “party scenes” in order to put them together in my 5 second video.

The first movie that I came to my mind when I thought of party movies was the movie “Project X” I cut a small clip of this scene that I found in order to stress the biggest party based scene in this entire movie. The second movie that I added was “Superbad” and the “Blood Brothers” scene because this was also another movie that initially came to mind that I knew would be easy to find a good party scene from. I felt like this clip added a different type of party scene then the first one and I knew that it would fit in really well. After I used too funny movies I knew that I needed a more relaxed scene from the movie in order to show variety in terms of the “party” archetype. The movie “Hangover” has a lot of scenes that represent parties, but I thought that the wedding scene would add a little humor… especially to those that have seen the entire movie as well. I then added a more high school based party scene by adding a more recent movie “21 Jump Street” to the mix and showing how fights can also be a party of the party scene to add on to the archetype. The last movie that I added to the mix was “Old School” because I figured I’d end my archetype with a little bit of Frank the Tank and his great beer bonging abilities. This is a bit of an older movie and I knew this would be the perfect conclusion for how a party really is now-a-days. I’ve seen all of these movies and when I began thinking of an archetype I figured this would be an easy one to target. After I found all of these scenes… I used to download them onto my computer and import them into a new project on iMovie. I then shortened the clips and added the song “Shots” by Lil Jon to give it a little bit of energy. After I finished this project I simply uploaded it onto my youtube account and there we go… all finished. I really enjoyed doing this video assignment simply because as I was looking at these scenes I really wanted to watch all the movies again. Through this clip (that should have been 5 seconds) I simply told the story of the varieties in the “party” archetype. I didn’t make it 5 seconds because I knew I couldn’t get anything out of it … so I made it a little longer, nearly 5 seconds for each scene .. just to get a better glimpse of my message. Here’s my video:

1 vote, average: 3.00 out of 51 vote, average: 3.00 out of 51 vote, average: 3.00 out of 51 vote, average: 3.00 out of 51 vote, average: 3.00 out of 5
Total= 8/16 Stars!

My version of a Silent Movie..

This week we’re beginning to make movies of our own in attempts to tell stories in that way. The task was to complete at least 16 stars worth of Video Assignments.

The first assignment that I decided to take a swing at was creating a movie trailer from the “Silent Era“. The goal of this assignment was to focus on the music and cue cards to make the movie trailer as interesting as possible. The movie assignment showed an example of the Star Wars movie trailer displayed silently with only words and music to draw you in. I think the example assignment did a good job of setting up how the movie should look and how it actually seems like a movie trailer from the “Silent Era’. I also watched another video from a student that decided to do the movie “Finding Nemo” and use different captions and a really good song to express the trailer for that fun loving kid movie that everyone would enjoy. I chose this assignment because I’ve never really been a fan of silent movies or movies from the old days, but I’ve always been one to support people having their own interpretations. I thought that it would be cool to make a modern movie silent and see the difference in it’s meaning when the actual words from the movie weren’t involved. “The Dark Knight” is actually one of my favorite movies and I just love all the intensity it has along with it’s actual story.

Through my Silent Era assignment I attempted to tell a story of the movie “The Dark Knight” and it’s major events by showing the trailer and providing captions that allowed someone to understand it. The actual trailer to the movie has words and dialogue that give you a glimpse of the movie … I attempted to do the same thing with my captions and music, but instead I summed up the key parts that I took out of the movie when I watched it initially. I started my clip off by saying where it took place and what the main purpose was… I made sure to include the lead actors in the movie as well. I then added another interesting point about the movie and then continued to have various captions of traits and actions that are found in the movie. I let the trailer do a lot of the talking, but I made sure to sum up the points I thought would be important for someone who hadn’t seen the movie to see.

In creating this trailer… I simply used to download the actual youtube movie trailer of “The Dark Knight” onto my computer. After doing so … I simply imported it into my iMovie and created a new project. I then adventured around with different features and figured out how to mute the sound and change the color into black and white. Then I adventured around with a song that I might want to play and figured that the “Halloween” theme song fit the action in the movie the best. I then downloaded the song as an mp3 file and placed it into my iMovie project. After watching the originally trailer multiple times and recalling the events I took from the movie myself … I decided I’d think of ways that I could display the story using the trailer. After I decided what I wanted to display in the movie … I added captions and found different places to put the font in order to use each scene as best I could. After all of this I did a lot of reviewing and editing to make it turn out as perfect as I could. Thankfully…. I have a few friends that are interested in the work that I do for this class and were willing to pitch in some ideas as well as watch my final piece. They each gave me different feedback and suggestions that I either chose to ignore or went back and edited. One of the suggestions that I received was to slow down some of scenes so that the captions I could posted could be read easily. A lot of my friends enjoyed my clip and said that it looked like it was hard or took a lot of time. I plan on posting it on my twitter as soon as I’m done with this post… maybe I’ll get a few comments & more feedback from there as well.

1 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 5
Total= 5/16 Stars! 

Week 10 Summary!!

 Weekly Summary:

Video Tools: This week we did a lot in terms of Video and Movies …. I have a mac, so I’m a little used to iMovie. I haven’t really used it for anything too huge …. I made a small project for one of my classes last year, but other than that I don’t use it much. I like how it works and it allows you to edit and so a bunch of things & if you spend a lot of time on it … you really get the hang of it. I am not too familiar with all of it’s features, but it certainly is an interesting thing to work with.

3 Time Review: This week we were asked to do many different things with video. Our main assignment was to look, listen, and analyze a movie scene one step at a time…. This allowed us to learn about how sound and visuals are important to movie making and the idea of storytelling. I posted a blog about a scene from Any Given Sunday that I analyzed this week.

Exploring: After doing an analysis of a scene in a movie (Any Given Sunday) we were asked to explore the actual movie a little more. Learn a little more about the movie and actual create our own clip of the movie … by putting two other clips together. This is my blog post of how I did all of that.

Video Planning: I’ve had a difficult time this week trying to pin point which direction I want to take my video planning assignment. I’ve looked at various things that I want to do, but I have a hard time making a final decision. Anyway, I have posted a blog of some of my intention … there were a fair amount of interesting video assignments, but the tutorials I watched for one of these really caught my eye. Check out what I plan on doing…

Daily Creates: This week we were asked to complete two daily creates…. Here’s the link to the ones I chose!

Reflection: This week we got a glimpse of what it’s like to work with movies and the video portion of storytelling. I found the video tools given to us to be very interesting and the paragraph that discusses each movies’ basis really made a lot of sense. It’s interesting to know that movies all work off of each other and are created a certain way in order to express a specific message to the viewers. The ideas of how a movie is tilted, or the way a scene is filmed never crosses ones mind inside a movie theater simply because you are simply trying to get a story out of what you’re watching…. BUT once you realize that there are other factors into why the movie is filmed a certain way and the sound is projected a certain way, then you begin to appreciate it a little more. After doing this weeks assignments and reading about movies and their purpose… I found myself analyzing anything that I watched for all the tools that I learned about and am now more familiar with. I thought this week was a good preparation for the video assignments that we have coming up. It should be a lot of fun to do things with movies… especially because I’m a really big fan of movies as well.

Video Planning!

For the next week we have been asked to do Video Assignments …. I have found some that look very interesting and would be fun to do.

The first Video Assignment that I plan on completing is the “Return to the Silent Era” assignment in which we make a modern movie appear as a movie would have been viewed many years ago. The movie that I thought would be interesting to watch …. silently & would be easy to understand and work with was the “Dark Knight” the trailer of this movie is already really intense and eye catching… I figured it would be easy to add text to it since the sound won’t be displayed. I had ideas of putting things as simple as “Batman vs The Joker”, “The ultimate battle”, “Who will survive”, “How far will they go” ….. attempting to get people to know the idea of the movie, but without giving too much away. Almost like questions that they want answered… and can be answered by watching the movie. I haven’t really gone into detail about the other aspects I’ll add to the movie, simply because it’s a movie trailer that already does so much of the work on it’s own….

The second assignment I have thought about completing is the assignment asking us to “Redub the Audio” …. After reading this assignment’s criteria I thought it was very doable and appealing. I haven’t pin pointed exactly which movie I want to do, but I do know my methods of completing this assignment. Once I find the movie that I think I could write a good enough script of … I plan on adding a bit of my own personality into the scene and then simply recording it in a voice that can fit in well with the actual scene that I am replacing. Once I have figured out the particular movie scene I want to do… the rest should come to me and be more simple.