This week we attempted to tell stories using the web…..

Radio Review: The first thing that I posted about this week was the review of a radio show that we were assigned. My group was assigned the ADAAM Radio Show and I thought that it actually sounded very good. I reviewed their radio show as well as my own groups radio show…. I even gave them some stars.

Daily Creates: For our daily creates I took three different daily create photographs and attempted to explain them in a story like manner. I didn’t really understand the whole idea of it, but I attempted to do it as best as I could.

Reflection: For this week I didn’t complete all that was asked. We were required to do web assignments that I honestly didn’t get around to completing. I intended to complete them and ultimately turn them in late… but I knew that if I added time to that then I would fall behind on the assignments due for week 10. I got a chance to view a few students’ work on the web assignments and they actually look really cool. If I get a chance I will definitely come back to this week and finish that assignment.

Goal: Get to everything for this week & do it REALLY well!!!

Daily Creates WEEK 9!

For this weeks daily creates…. I decided to simply put 3 pictures together and create a story behind them….

The first picture is of rocks…. The story is …. Rocks are everywhere, but they are also a huge source for many things in the world ……


Rocks can be made into things such as earrings, that ultimately can become someone else’s prized possession…..Like mine, where I received my earrings from my grandfather and I wear them every single day…


This pyramid is the pyramid for excellence… When people think of rocks they would never think they’d be an excellent source for earrings or jewelry, but as they are created … they move up the pyramid and are ultimately one of the most POWERFUL aspects of sales.



I liked the daily creates this week, but it was difficult to put them all in a story line up… I hope I made this work correctly!

Review of Radio Show!

My group was assigned to review another groups radio show…. The show that I was assigned to do was the The ADAAM Radio Show. I really liked their show. They did a good job keeping the sound even and consistent throughout the show. It’s difficult to make everyone’s recording even in tone, but they did a great job keeping it constant. They did a wonderful job of throwing in sounds to add affect to their words. Even their commercials and bumpers had some sounds and music to add entertainment. I like the spookiness of the show and I also really enjoyed that it started by discussing the history of Halloween itself. They seemed to really want the show “The Adam’s Family” to be a basis for their work, I think they used a fair amount of their sounds and I thought it was very effective in their plot. The tone and drama of the show was evident and the spookiness and halloween theme prevailed as well. The music was very effective simply because it kept you in the halloween mentality … especially the song they used in the beginning. The story seemed to represent the halloween well and I enjoyed listening to it. If I could star this show…. I think I would give them a 4.5 stars. Simply because there are always things that could be changed and a bit more effective, but I think they did a very good job.


Adventures in DC: Net radio show review!

I think our group did a fairly good job. The audio over-all worked well together… There were definitely parts that stuck out a little louder, or quieter than others … not a huge difference. There were no signs of background noises, but you can certainly tell when we added alternate sound effects to portray the story plot, or keep the scene active. The transitions from scene to scene were effective for the most part, but sometimes there may have been a slight glimpse of quietness…. The show sounded like it went smoothly, with a few slight mishaps. The story line was clear, but obviously sometimes difficult to understand. The sound effects allowed for the listener to understand a little better though. The show was well structured and the idea was as clear as possible… DC isn’t always a fun environment. The music seemed very effective, but also individual from the story plot and more resembled an actual radio show. The driver could have displayed a little more frustration to add some drama to the show, but over all you can tell there were some issues involving drama. If I had to star the show, I think I would give it a 4.2 rating. There were a few things that definitely could have been more effective.


Adventures in DC with 18 Listeners!!!

Our radio show was one of the first broadcasted on ds106 radio. Adventures in DC was our group name…… I managed to get a screenshot of the amount of listeners we had during our air time. It was shocking to see how the tweets our group posted worked in our favor. I know there was a contest for which group could get the most listeners, but I had no idea that our group could attract so many people to listen. I enjoyed getting feed back from our fellow classmates through their tweets and it was nice to see everyones encouragement. Here’s a screenshot of our listeners….


For weeks 7 & 8 our main focus was the completion of our radio show and audio assignments.

Audio Assignments: This week we were asked to complete 10 stars worth of Audio assignments.

1. This is the post that I made for my first Audio Assignment of the week. I got a chance to make a ringtone using Audacity…. the awesome part is that I actually use the ringtone now.

2. The second Audio Assignment that I decided to do was the Chimpmunk’d song… I used one of my current favorite songs and chipmunk’d it using Audacity once again.. I think it actually sounds pretty cool!

3. The next Audio Assignment I completed was about taking an order from Mcd’s … in an accent and the one I chose to do was a British accent…. it was actually pretty fun.

4. The last Audio Assignment I completed was the Multi-personality one. It asked us to be multiple people (3/4) and have a story be told during it. This assignment was actually a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting it done and being creative with it.

Phonar: During this week we were also asked to submit 4 unused pieces of media into the ds106 phonar recycling project. I submitted photos for all of mine. The titles of my photos were as follows:
1. First Draft of BULKY.png
2. Waste from Design Assignments.jpg
3. Waste from design safari.jpg
4. Waste from design safari2.jpg

Comment Challenge: This is the link to my post on the comment challenge started by another student for this week.

Daily Creates:  This week we were asked to complete 6 daily creates…. Here’s a post explaining all of mine … fairly detailed!

Radio Show: This is a link to the post I wrote about our Radio Show that was due this week…. I am pretty sure I answered most of the questions asked in the weekly summary, but I’ll reflect a little more on the ones I didn’t get around to.

My group chose our theme through discussion and trying to find something that we would all be comfortable with. In my post I discussed some of the hard parts of doing this assignment, but I was lucky to have two other people that were willing to do everything they could to ensure our radio show was a success. The contribution of each member was first discussed generally… then as we all realized we don’t like the sound of our own voices… we got a little picky on who would have the part that spoke the most…. I got stuck with that part after we picked parts of a straw…. I got the shortest one -__-. I actually didn’t mind it that much, I tried my best to do what I could with what was being asked of me. I think our group did a great job and that our show sounds and represents exactly what we hoped it would… I’m really proud of our effort as a whole.

Reflection: I was actually kind of scared going into the Audio Assignments and dealing a lot with the Audio portion of this class…. I’m not a big fan of listening to my own voice, but I guess when I’m alone and the concept of being able to alter my voice .. It isn’t all that bad. Dealing with Audio can take some time and test your comfort a lot.. I thought I tried my best to get comfortable and worry less about what I sounded like and more about what the assignment’s goal was. I’m glad I got to work on a variety of audio assignments these past few weeks… It really did help a lot and I think our radio show is a good example of that as well. When I started this class I didn’t expect to get much out of the Audio portion… I figured I’d skim through it and avoid as much of it as possible (hence the daily creates that I usually avoid). I will admit that I’m getting more out of it then expected and I am enjoying it more as well. A lot of the tasks this week tested my limits, but I’m glad I got to learn new ways of enjoying audio and recording my own voice. I also realized that Audio doesn’t always have to be about the way your voice turns out .. there are other fun factors of it, including the story and emotion that comes out of a piece of audio work as apposed to a picture or drawing.


The last Audio Assignment that I decided to complete for this week was the assignment asking for Multi personalities. I initially didn’t plan on doing this assignment, but after hearing a lot of other people works I changed my mind and decided that I would try to do it as well. The idea that I used was simple….. I had a mom ask her 4 children how their day at school was. Each child responded as they wished….. there was a variety of personalities and they were all things that I know I would find myself saying if my mom asked me how my day of school was. For this assignment I used my own voice a fair amount… trying to sound like a boy or even the bratty daughter, but I also changed some of the pitch using the effects of Audacity. I thought this was a fun assignment and I didn’t realize it would be this fun in the beginning. I tried to tell a story, but having multi-personalities in a story isn’t as easy as having four people speaking as a story. After I finished my recordings … I listened to it a few times, laughed at myself, then uploaded it onto my SoundCloud. ENJOYY!


2 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 52 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5
Total= 11/10 Stars!

May I take your order?

One of the Audio Assignments that I decided to was to the one titled “May I take your Order”. I thought this one was a fun assignment because I have actually gone to McDonald’s and put on an accent to take an order before. My friends seem to enjoy doing that all the time…. I basically just put on a british accent and pretended to place an order. I ordered my three favorite things from Mcd’s and it was actually so hard to keep a straight face and not crack up. I’m not the best at accents, but I tried my best. It was a fun assignment.


2 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 5
Total= 7/10 Stars!

Radiooooo Show!


Adventures in DC:
I think this might have been one of the most difficult group projects that I have ever done. Not because the work itself was hard, but the process of getting everyone together and getting all of our stuff on the same file and editing and things like that is what made it so difficult. I think under our circumstances and few issues we were able to do a good job and our show turned out the way we all wanted it to. Our show was based off of living in DC…… not the good parts of it, but the hassle of an everyday life in DC as an adult. Our group only had three members…(myself, Ashley Stegemiller, and Amelia Lord) we worked really well together and tried our hardest to have our show be as long as possible. We had a huge variety of speaking, music, and bumpers/commercials to get us at nearly 20 minutes.

My specific role in the group was be the person in the car on the way to work…. expressing the struggle of being in traffic, then complaining about parking, and lastly ending the show upset that I just got a ticket. During one of our meetings as a group we picked who would have which role in our show…. after all that was decided we made an outline of who needed to do what and the order in which it would play. Each of us took that outline and made what we could of it before having our next meeting. We all used Audacity for our show and I got really familiar with the program. I did various things…. I found songs (that I cropped) into the show, while also using my voice to create commercials and talk about each topic. During a part in the show I included the radio bumper that I made earlier this semester and tried to have variety of stuff in our show to keep it from getting boring. I thought we all contributed to the show equally and that everyone worked hard to get their individual tasks done in order for our show to run smoothly. We all worked off of each other and I think our show will certainly show off all of our hard work. I thought the assignment was difficult, but I’m glad we were all able to come together and produce the best radio show that we could.

A two-fer: Daily Creates

The last two weeks have been thrown together….. We have been asked to complete 6 daily creates during this time span. I basically spread all of my daily creates out, but I tried to get a variety as well.

1. Non-dominate face drawing: The first daily create we were asked to draw a face with our non-dominant hand…. I don’t want to talk about how ugly my drawing is, but I really tried…… & fun fact as well. I am dominantly left handed & while trying to draw this with my right hand I felt like a complete idiot. I can’t even hold the pen correctly, definitely a challenge.

Non-Dominat Hand

2. First morning act: This daily create asked us to take a picture of the first thing that we do in the morning. The first thing I do is turn off my alarm. I have an iPhone and I have an alarm set for it that tells me to “GET UP!!!” I am one of those people that has to get up as soon as the alarm goes off, otherwise I won’t get up or it won’t be a good day. I never press snooze… I simply slide to turn off that alarm, especially because my roommate would kill me if I kept pressing snooze.

Get up!

3. WALLS: The next daily create we were asked to do was to take a photograph of a wall or fence. I decided to use the panoramic camera on my iPhone and get a decent picture of the wall on my side of our room. In the picture you see the wall where my desk is along with the wall where my bed is. In one picture you see two walls that happen to be mine. I also thought it was funny that my best friend was in the picture on my bed as well.


4. Family means a lot: The next daily create that I decided to do asked us to take a photograph of something or someone that means a lot to us. I decided to post a picture of me and my entire family. The three people in this picture (my mom, dad, and sister) all mean the world to me. I don’t know where I’d be in life without them. The story behind this picture is that they came to one of my soccer games this season and this was taken right before they left.


5. He is 1, 0, 6: For the next daily create, we were asked to draw a picture only using the numbers 1, 0, and 6. I decided to draw a stick figured guy using all of those numbers. His head is the 0 and I used the combination of 1,0, and 6 for the rest of his face and body. I couldn’t think of must else, but I thought this was an interesting daily create so I thought I’d give it a chance.

He is 106

6. Soup: The last daily create I did for this week asked to take a photograph of soup. I decided to do this because I actually enjoy eating soup a lot…. I’m picky with my soups, but I have a few favorites. I took a picture of the Chicken Noodle Soup that I make as a small dinner/snack sometimes. We’ve got plenty of them in our room.

Yummy soup

Comment Challenge…

At the beginning of last week, another DS106 student issued a challenge for fellow classmates to comment on at least 7 blogs throughout the next two weeks. Below I have embedded the blog by @doodle_muse that began the challenge.


One of the comments that I received from my Professor recently was that I am lacking in my participation with other ds106 bloggers….. I thought I’d accept this challenge and look around and read up on all the various blogs throughout the DS106 atmosphere. I commented on a few blogs for people I am friends with, but I also made sure to visit the Google Reader and comment on some random blogs too.

1. The first blog I commented on happened to be on an Audio Assignment that I found very creative. I thought Ashley did a great job of making her work short and to the point, while doing exactly what the assignment asked and keeping it interesting. I commented on it simply because I thought she needed to know that I thought it was really creative & turned out great.

2. The second blog I decided to comment on was one of Grace’s daily create posts. I thought she did a marvelous job on her daily creates and I just wanted to let her know that I got a chance to look at them…. The entire post was eye-catching and the daily creates all had some sort of a story behind them.

3. The third  blog that I commented on was Melanie’s blog… that was titled “It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job…” I commented on this blog because I love that movie and after seeing the post on Google Reader I decided to comment.

4.  I also decided to comment on Brittany’s daily creates as well. She kept them very simple and straight to the point.

5. I decided to switch it up and comment on a guy’s post this time… I ran across Matt’s post of him morphing his voice and I thought it was hilarious. He’s a true character, especially after singing the song he chose.

6. I picked another male blog to post a comment on …. I commented on Nathan’s post of his daily creates, I thought they all looked really great.

7. The last post I decided to comment on was on my friend Emma’s blog. She did one of the same audio assignments as me and I thought she did a good job of letting her creativity shine through.