Week 5 Summary!!

Resources: This week we had a lot of new resources provided to us for photography. I found most of them very useful when I was doing my Visual Assignments and even my Daily Creates. I downloaded a lot of new apps to my phone and it really did make a difference when I wanted to do various effects. I even found myself enhancing pictures that I wasn’t using for the class, they actually look pretty cool. I liked the tips of bettering myself as a photographer…. like the one about actually paying attention to the moment and slowing down when trying to get a good photograph or scene. The resources gave a better look into the variety of photos that a person can take as well and really showed an edge for creativity.

PhotoBlitz Project: Doing the photoblitz project for this week I thought was actually very fun! I got a chance to test myself under a time limit and it caused my mind to distribute various ideas and views of objects that people don’t normally think of. This is the link to my post for the project, I used the photos I thought best represented my work. I also explained each photo with a story…. so although you have a chance to think of what was being displayed, you get an understanding of how I saw them as well. I honestly thought doing the photo blitz first helped me with the rest of my Visual Assignments for this week.

Flickr: During this week I also got a chance to mess around with my Flickr account. I created some new sets to make it easier for myself to organize my pictures and locate them later as well. I customized it as well as I could in terms of the links that were given to us. I really liked the idea of being able to email my pictures directly to my flickr….. even though I haven’t tried it yet! I also posted a blog of my set titled my “Best Work” … these are some of the photos that I thought came out the best and were really appealing. I will certainly be adding more pictures to this soon, so the slideshow is short as of now. The blog post also explains why I picked these photos a little more. Luckily I caught on to someones question about how to add the slideshow onto WordPress and I was able to also catch Alan’s response and figure it out too…. It would’ve been challenging to do alone.

Daily Creates: This week we were asked to do three daily creates. I didn’t think they were very challenging, but the ones I picked I think went pretty well with the rest of the Visual Assignments I was doing. Here is the link to the entire blog post that I made on all three of my daily creates and I also included fairly detailed explanations. I think doing daily creates is a fun thing and it causes your mind to get creative. I have also followed the daily creates on twitter and have programmed it to send me the daily create as a text from the twitter…. It actually makes it easier to think of stuff when you know first thing in the morning what the daily create is.

Visual Assignments: We were asked to do at least 10 stars worth of Visual Assignments for the week, I chose to do 5 different assignments all worth two stars. Many of the assignments I chose by clicking on the “try random one” button because I knew that way I would be more creative. I thought each assignment required some thought and I actually enjoyed thinking of different things to do. Each blog post that I created for each of my visual assignments has it’s own story and explanation included, make sure to check them out:
My first visual assignment ; A common object that I changed the color of.
My second visual assignment ; My name found somewhere…. not actually FOUND ;)
My third visual assignment ; Black & white… with a splash of color!
My fourth visual assignment ; The before & after of a FUNNY event.
My fifth & last visual assignment ; Drawing something out, using the effect.

REFLECTION: So far….. this has been my favorite week. I find photography very fun. I think anyone can have fun with photography and there are SO many different ways of going about it. I have never really taken photography classes, or used one of those high tech cameras to capture pictures, I really don’t think that’s the only form of photography or being visual. I have always been the type of person that takes photos when I see something awesome or something fun occurring. If you were to ask my friends, they’d all tell you I’m the first to pull out my iPhone and take a picture if I see anything that I believe is worth another glance. One of my favorite things has been taking pictures of friends doing something silly, or even the sky when it’s naturally beautiful (a nice sunset or sunrise maybe). I think being visual is so much more than just taking photos of something assigned. I think these assignments allowed a great deal of creativity. People were able to chose from SO many things this week and really get creative. I don’t believe anyone needs to be a professional photographer to capture a great photo. The wonderful thing about this week’s lesson is the idea that taking photographs and doing visual assignments is such a flexible thing… For example the photo blitz assignment could have easily been completed ANYWHERE, even though there were guidelines and goals for the pictures. I believe someone could’ve EASILY completed that assignment by just sitting in their room and getting creative. Photography and capturing a great photo comes from the person and NOT following a specific guideline on how to take a photograph, but by simply messing around with it until you find something you really like. I think it’s safe to say that this week I learned a lot about how a person can be visual and all the various apps and creations in the world that make a photograph so much more exciting. A picture of a soda can can be taken in so many different ways, enhanced, and even edited with so many different effects…. but at the end of the day it’s still a regular soda can. Telling a story visually I believe ultimately depends on how the person taking the visuals wants it to be interpreted. There are various approaches that can be taken and no one can really judge you for the “quality” of your story, because it is YOUR story.

Daily Creates!!!

This week I did three various daily creates…. trying to be as creative as possible.

Abstract Animal: This daily create asked for an abstract drawing of my favorite animal. I chose to do an abstract drawing of a dolphin. Dolphin’s have been my favorite animals since I can remember. I think they are really beautiful creatures and I’m a Pisces, so I’ve always had a thing for water and the ocean. I also did the drawing in blue because then you’d get a better idea of the dolphin being inside the water. I hope to one day get a chance to swim with the dolphins, I think that would be an amazing adventure.

Fav animal: Dolphin

Interruption: For the next daily create I decided to do was my first …. AUDIO daily create. This daily create asked for a recording of a sound being interrupted by another non-related sound. I usually find myself doing the drawings or photographs, but this time I decided to branch out a little. Besides, it’s not usually hard to have something be interrupted. I couldn’t really think of anything that could easily be interrupted, so I asked my roommates for some help. I actually just went onto soundcloud and began to record my roommates and myself having a regular conversation, then one of my roommates had a very obnoxious song come on and clearly interrupt the conversation. The whole process only took two tries…. the first time we failed because we all began to laugh because it actually sounded funny. Having a really loud song interrupt a conversation is definitely an example of an unrelated sound interruption. I thought it turned out pretty well for my first Audio Daily Create.

Yellow: The last daily create that I did for this week was the one that stated there was NEVER too much yellow. I am actually a very big fan of yellow objects, but the one that I thought would be simple to draw was a SUN. Everyone knows that the Sun is the source to  life and I’m the type of person to say you can NEVER have too much sun. Yes, I do think it can get really hot … but I love daytime and being out and being active. I enjoy having the sun, not necessarily very hot… This time of year/ early spring are probably my favorite times. I do agree with the famous artist that exclaimed there was never too much yellow, it’s a beautiful color. So bright & so lively!

Yellow: Sun

LAST NOTE: This week we were asked to think of a daily create and let the professors check it out. I can’t really remember how I worded mine, but I believe my idea was to take a Photograph of the first thing you remember from your dream when you wake up. I sat there and thought about this one for a while…. I am not sure how I would approach it, since there are many mornings that I wake up and don’t really remember my dreams. I would think that someone could easily take a photograph of a time (like a clock) that they remember seeing in the dream, or even a person that they remember. This particular idea is very flexible and can be easily manipulated by interpretation.

Sketch it outttt

The fifth and last Visual Assingment I did for this week was titled, “Draw it.”


This is another one that I found through the “try random one” button and I really thought it would look awesome. I really liked the picture that was used in the assignment, the lion looks SO fierce. Pictures that look like they’ve been drawn are definitely not as cool as ones that have, but I like the effect anyways. I figured I could easily take a picture of something that I thought looked cool and see how it would look if it was “drawn”. I know that there are many artists in the world, but I know personally I could never draw a lion that looked that good. I guess I feel that there are apps that help with things like that for people JUST LIKE ME.

I have a MacBook (yes I am TEAM apple…) therefore I just used my Photobooth and the “Colored Pencil” effect and took a picture of something in order for it to look “sketched”. I chose the window because I thought it looks likes something that could easily be drawn or sketched. It would be easy to imagine someone drawing a window. It was mainly my thought idea that helped me with this visual assignment because I interpreted it as something that was not too difficult to picture “drawn”. For example there are MANY drawings that occur of lions or other animals… a window isn’t anything different. I have also used this effect on pictures of me and my friends, it actually looks pretty cool. If someone wanted to do this assignment, there are many different apps that can be used. It also isn’t hard to find a picture online that you may just THINK is cool to “draw” or imagine as a picture that someone drew.

Funnny …before & after

The fourth Visual Assignment that I decided to do this week called, “Before and After

Before & After

This was another assignment that I found through the “try a random” button. I thought this would be a pretty simple picture to do…. It’s easy to find something with a small story & be pretty funny with it. The reason this was easy for me was because I actually had a friend do the same assignment, with me as the joke…. (yes, I fell of a chair and was caught on camera….) One of my friends REALLY REALLY loves cats, but they aren’t always very friendly ….. Finding a picture that represents a “Before and After” stage can be interpreted in so many different ways. This particular assignment asked for a funny event, but it depends on what people think is funny. For example, I thought that my friend getting scratched by her favorite animal was funny….. in my picture you can tell she thought it was pretty funny too!

The process of doing this assignment only involved a friend and her cat. I didn’t really need to ask her to be funny and get scratched by her cat … I just needed a picture that didn’t show her scratch an then one that did. It’s a funny story because it happens to so many people. If someone wanted to do this assignment it would be very easy to plan it and get humor out of it as well. There are various occasions that can be planned and caught on camera. Humor is a definite component in being successful with this particular visual assignment. I also, had an app on my phone (yes I use my phone to help me A LOT) that connected the two pictures together easily. I just made sure they fit into the square and saved it, then uploaded it onto my flickr. It looks perfect because you can tell there is a BEFORE and an AFTER…. Hopefully someone else trying to do this assignment has friends that do funny things, getting two pictures might be the easiest part.

Color splashhhhh

The third Visual Assignment I chose to do for this week was the “Splash the Color“.

Splash the Color

I liked doing this assignment because I really like things being in black and white, it’s always been one of my favorite effects. There is a really cool picture that is decorated in many different colors and I figured it would be easy to make one of the colors stick out. When the picture is not in black and white then the colors mean so much more, but having only one of the colors sticking out makes it that much cooler.

The process I used to do this was simply taking a picture of the poster that says “PEACE” hanging in my friends room. I found another iPhone app called “Dash of Color” and I basically just uploaded my picture onto the app and uncolored one of the letters. It wasn’t a very hard or long process, but I knew that the picture would look cool with just one color sticking out. If someone wanted to this assignment it would probably be just as easy. I know there are even some camera’s (like the cannon) that have the ability to just have one color sticking out. There are many different sites that do the same exact thing, I know it wouldn’t be very difficult. It may be difficult to find ONE color that sticks out most, considering many things are VERY VERY colorful.


The second Visual Assignment for this week that I chose to do was, “Find Yourself“.

My name Enisa

I chose to this one by clicking on the “try random one” button. I knew that it would be very difficult to find my name anywhere since it is soooooo uncommon. While working on a group project for one of my other classes, my friends suggested making letters with my name and they’d hold it up for me. I have always had issues finding anything that resembles my name and I am usually asked where my name is from and the meaning. Whenever I have wanted to find a bracelet with my name on it …. it has NEVER happened. The meaning of my name “Enisa” (from what I’ve heard and looked up) is “friendly” … So the idea of having my friends hold up my name connects everything pretty well.

I didn’t really need many tools in order to do this one, but if you have an uncommon name like me … and still want to do it… Finding letters everywhere is also a good way of approaching it. I just let my mind wander and thought about how when I was younger I always hated not having my name anywhere or in common with anyone else…. I guess until I accepted the fact that it was Unique and learned to appreciate it.



The first visual assignment that I decided to do for this week was the “Common Everyday Object“.

Common Markers

I was using Crayola Markers to do one of my daily creates and the idea popped into my head. Markers are used everyday….whether it be in school, at work, or just for fun to decorate and make drawings. This object we grow up with and all kids have a phase, in my opinion it is pretty common. I remember when I was a little girl I used to use markers all the time, I never really liked crayons… they weren’t my thing.

My process began by looking at the site and trying to figure out which assignments I could actually complete. I liked this one because there were so many options and it was pretty easy to pick. I have an iPhone so once I found my “object” I looked for cool apps to download in order to change the color. The app that I chose was the “photoshop express app” which was actually free. I took a picture of the markers I was using on the app and then I just clicked on different effects until I found one that caught my eye. I thought this one looked really cool because there are 4 different colors and they are all very appealing.  I think people can really benefit from looking at all the options online too…. on how to change the color and the different effects. If you don’t have an iPhone, I know there are plenty of apps online as well.



I recently got a chance to customize my flickr account and actually get a gist of how to work things. I made a new “set” for all my best work that I’ve uploaded this far. I haven’t really added many photos to it, but I did add most of my favorites. I added some pictures that I used for my visual assignments as well as pictures I’ve used for my daily creates. All of them are titled and kind of give an explanation to the picture. I have one of my favorite rings and I have three from my trip to Wisconsin and Chicago. The last two are from my visual assignment explained in the blog post below. Check them out; feel free to comment and let me know what you think!!


Today on my way home from practice I figured I would see what I could cature in 20 minutes of Photoblitzing… I took the list of items given to us as an assignment this week and I tried to do as many as I could by including all of my surroundings. I took one photo before leaving the field and the rest I took once we parked the car on the way to my dorm. I chose this scene because the sun was going down and the scenery was wonderful, felt like I had a lot to work with. Also, I knew I could do the stuff with human’s involved since two of my teammates happened to be walking with me and offered to help!! THEN, I picked out my 5 favorite and best photos to share —

My start time: I started at 6:50 pm after leaving practice. Notice the 76% of battery remaining.


Openness: I decided that an empty soccer field represents my idea of “openness” because it’s empty and there are so many images that occur in one’s mind when looking at an open field (especially if you have experience with the sport). I also clicked the enhance button on my iPhone, so it looks a bit brighter then it actually was.. especially the grass.


Human Emotion: During our soccer practice one of my teammates stepped incorrectly on the ankle that she already has problems with. In the car on the ride back she was crying, I decided to capture one of her tears and use it for my human emotion. The idea kind of made her giggle and stop crying :).

Human Emotion

Unusual Angle: Once we parked the car and began to look around for my next photo, we noticed these stairs. They go up and in a very weird way… I decided it would be perfect for my unusual angle.

Unusual Angle

Dominant Color: At the top of the stairs there were trees and leaves of various beginning of Fall colors. I thought taking a picture of one close up would look cool….THEN it turned into a photo I thought was dominated by a single color.


Someone’s Hand: Since there were three of us walking back to our dorms, I thought it would be cute to not only take a picture of ONE hand… but have both of my friends hold hands, in a cute “friendship” manner. With some pretty, blurred out (natural blur) scenery through the hands. I also thought there nails looked really cool!

Holding Hands

Ending Time: I ended with 2 minutes to spare, but I remembered to take my ending picture at exactly 20 minutes… So here it is.. & again…notice how the battery life is now at 68%



I had a lot of fun with this assignment. It caused me to think a lot and try to see a more detailed picture of various objects and my surroundings. The experience was really fun and I’m glad I got to enjoy it with my teammates. Initially I thought 20 minutes was going to make this so difficult, but once I stopped over thinking my photos … they came pretty naturally. Yay #ds106.

TUTORIAL for getting texts from Twitter!!!

Sooooooo, Alan said that I could write up a Tutorial on how I get his tweets directly to my phone as a text message. If you’re like me… & you have two twitter accounts, one for ds106 and one for your own personal tweets. This may even be helpful if you don’t get on twitter a lot or follow way too many people to see all of your professors tweets.

This really comes in handy because I get the tweets directly as text messages and it’s easy to just skim them or see what may be important. You can have ANYONE’S tweets come directly to your phone. Here’s how I do it: 

1. Log into your twitter (online).

2. Go to your Twitter settings on the top right.

3. On the left side there should be a tab called “Mobile”. Click on it.

4. There should be an option called “Activate Twitter Text Messaging” .. simple

5. Simply add your phone number and then it will instruct you to do the rest.

6. After you have received a text from a 404-04 number then you are ALMOST finished.

7. You then go to the website of the person’s tweets you’d like to receive, in my case it was @cogdog.

8. Once on their website there should be a little icon next to the “Following” button. Click on it.

9. Simply click on the button that says “Turn on mobile notifications.”


Here are some screen shots for what this should look like:
Steps 5 and 6 are not displayed, (use your own phones)

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4


Also…. there are other various settings you can change, such as getting @ mentions to your phone. ANDDDDDD You can even send tweets to that number if you want.

I hope this helps people out. Feel free to leave a comment if I missed something, or if you have any questions.